See You In June

And so we head into the end of another week.
It was a good week, in retrospect...
but one I would rather not repeat for...
let's say... another year!!

Sammie has slid into summer mode...
when lying in the cool grass is the best activity to which one could aspire.

Chloe is doing fine since Tuesday's surgery.
She is being a good patient.

Thank goodness she doesn't hold a grudge,
and is still just as happy to see me as always.

As I sit here and talk to her,
I am aware of another face staring a hole in my back,
begging for attention.

Always nosey!

Yesterday began as a rainy day.
Earlier in the week I had planned to take a few hours off the farm,
during the rain, and stroll through one of my favorite 
antique stores.
It's never crowded and it's out in the country... masks are required,
so it seemed even safer than the grocery store.

I pretty much had the place to myself and was happy to find 
this sign for Maven Haven.

I knew I had to bring it home when I flipped it over...

Perfect... sort of like a mood ring.

I also added a mirror inside.

It's a mirror that has been in storage for years, unused.

I think a mirror helps to add a little depth to a room.

While I was gone, Hubbs had run to the local grocery store
to replenish our Ritz cracker supply.
(We should own stock.)

When the sun came out in the afternoon,
I headed out to restock the treat box.
(It's a mailbox that sits atop this post between the sheep and pigs.)

Got Ritz?

With temperatures in the 80's, 
I am sure the sheep are happy to be rid of their fleeces.

Weeks ago I had mentioned that Tom, our elder turkey
had seemed a little "off".
Update... he has recovered from whatever was ailing him at the time.
Tom is doing just fine!

I stopped in the garden to get veggies for supper and came out
with a huge handful of asparagus.

The sugar peas have blossomed, so it won't belong before
we are inundated with sugar peas!

The raspberries are loaded with blossoms...
as are the blackberries.

I think it's going to be a very good berry season this year.
Our pest management team has been very busy 
eating the local insect population!

When they aren't spending time dust-bathing at the spa!

Our world is getting more colorful each day...

Isn't amazing how vibrant nature can be!

Have a great weekend.... the last of May,
and we will see you Monday...
June 1st!!


colleen said…
I will be entering the property of Maven Haven from the welcome side of the sign …. just sayin :). Thanks for the Tom and Chloe update. The center of the clematis looks like a beautiful spider. As always, thanks for all you share. Have a wonderful weekend. xoxoxoxo
Tracy said…
Lovely photos! I too love how vibrant nature can be.
It's funny as I said exactly the same thing on the berries, it's going to be a great year for them I am sure. Our raspberries are becoming thugs and I think they are even upsetting their rhubarb neighbours. Need to have a think about that one.
You have a beautiful pace and a great pace of life, fabulous to be a part of by following your blog. Have a great weekend, Tracy :)
daisy g said…
Glad that week is behind you! I'm sure the critters are too.

Our snap peas have been coming in slowly and they never make it to the house! So sweet!
I look forward in the coming years to harvesting asparagus from our new bed.

Enjoy your weekend.
Summer is upon us.
Lynne said…
Beautiful post . . .
in thoughts, critter pics, haven welcome . . .
such a beautiful person you are
and a gift for us all to enjoy . . .
until June 1 . . .
jaz@octoberfarm said…
perfect sign! i love the mirror too. i have more blueberry blossoms than i have had in years. i guess they like milder winters.
This N That said…
Glad everyone is well in your corner of the world...I just love that sign..what a find..My sentiments exactly..The mirror looks great there..So, that's where the rain went..We just had an early shower and some mist...Your asparagus looks wonderful..Enjoy your weekend..Hugs
Glad that Tom is back in fine fettle again!
Oh my gosh. I don't know where my mind was but when I saw the pic of Sammie lying down with his eyes half open, my heart dropped. I thought he was sick but he was just taking a snooze. whew.