Learning to Be

And so, Summer has begun,
without fanfare, without a party, without all of the usual
traditions that have marked this transition in past years.

And yet, somehow, this year I feel more immersed in life.
With less distraction, and more time to simply "be",
I am enjoying the bountiful gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed
in this season of growth.

Days flow by like water in a gently winding stream.
And although we cannot see what lies around the bend,
the water keeps flowing...
and so, I dip my toes.

And though I would jump headlong back into family activities
and social engagements if I could,
I am at peace here on the farm... just immersing myself in this 
slow, quiet life.
My goal is to enjoy each day, no matter what it brings... or doesn't bring.

Every couple of days we head out on bike to explore all of the back
country roads in our area.  
For years we talked about exploring them by car.
Exploring them via bicycle is so much better.
(Not to mention the fact that it's better for the earth.)

The countryside is breathtaking now.
Trees have exploded with foliage, and wildflowers abound.

Each new road brings beautiful vistas,

and heartwarming scenes like this...

After what seems like years of wishing that time would 
somehow slow down, it feels as though it finally has.
I find myself being intentional and setting goals for 
activities that I normally put on the back burner... like reading books.

I added another chair to Maven Haven... a comfy one...

the perfect reading spot.

Or a place to converse with a good friend...

I continued to work on grooming the remainder of winter growth
from our horses.
Even though he has much left to shed, Red is stunning
when he is groomed.

After having spent the whole morning out in the upper pastures,
Moonie was happy to stand still and let me fuss with him.

"Ok, my turn!"

I baked a spring garden quiche yesterday,
using spring onions, asparagus, kale, eggs and morel mushrooms...
all grown here on the farm.

Purple was the color of the day -
the gardens filled with lupine...


and salvia? (I think)

Today with be the paradox of my idyllic yesterday.
It's pig vaccination day, horse vaccination day...
and Chloe (donkey) is having an ultrasound and maybe some surgery
to address the lump on her neck.
I'm sure I'll have much to share with you tomorrow.
(if I survive!)


colleen said…
It is good to see you relaxing and I can see why it would be easy to do that in Maven Haven. You kept the theme of the wildflowers and were dressed in purple, another very pretty outfit. Your quiche looks so darn good!!! xoxox
Lynne said…
Love feeling your peaceful and how it reminds me of where I find mine . . .
littlemancat said…
Oh that quiche! I used my herbs in a yummy potato salad yesterday - so tasty!
And you're reading one of my favorite books! Isn't it wonderful?
Did you see that perfectly beautiful crescent moon last night? That sliver of light in the deep blue sky...
This N That said…
These days are indeed beautiful.I wish it would stay a bit cool...I noticed that your chair was lacking comfy arms..Glad you have a place to rest your elbows...Griz doesn't
need arms..It doesn't look as though he's picky about chairs...Love your outfit...
Red is very handsome all cleaned up!! Pretty purples..Survive!!!
Barbara Beach said…
Being content where we are at in any given moment is the key, isn't it.
Really like your new comfy chair and your good companion. Thank you for sharing the lovely countryside & hope to see it in person one day.
Karen said…
I just sigh at the end of your posts - SO relaxing . . . yet you get so much done in a day! I'd love to have you and your husband's energy:) Lots of things I just can not do right now - and some days that is SO hard - but then I get to visit your farm and you make it better - you truly do. So a heart felt thank you - to you ALL:)
I like the garden rock face in your final photo!