Back to Normal

As crazy as Tuesday was,
with vaccinations and Chloe's surgery...
yesterday was the complete opposite.

It was a cloudy, quiet, peaceful day...

made perfect by the fact that Chloe willingly took her 
antibiotics mixed in a little sweet feed that Dr. Becky suggested
I use.

All is well.
And Chloe seems to be doing just fine.

I thought I would share the peace of my day, here, with you...

To Patty...
Our pigs get Tetanus and Rabies vaccines.

(Waiting outside the donkey gate... hoping for a treat...
always hopeful!)


Lynne said…
Springtime at its best . . .
A treasure land you have created and faithfully mother . . .
Thank you for sharing it with us.
I do love your videos. How is the fairy garden looking? My fairies have asked me to ask you if it is okay for them to visit again this year. I told them you might have other plans but that I would ask.
Anonymous said…
Joy in the morning! It brought happy tears.
Thank you,
Park City, UT
Anonymous said…
I love the little purr murmur that Gris made!
Marcia LaRue said…
I love your videos ... they are a peaceful stroll through your Haven! I look forward to my daily visit to the Haven heaven ... miss you on the weekends!
Who holds the camera while you and Hubs bring in the horses?
What do you actually use your huge arena building for? Do you rent it out for other folks to use it?
The sheep scratching their behinds on the fence is priceless! As well as some of the looks the animals give you when you are filming them! LOL
Hugs from S. CO
This N That said…
Glad Chloe is taking her meds..Good girl!! Lovely video...Makes one a bit envious..You have created wonderful space..Tranquil and beautiful...Enjoy!!
Delightful video, as always! Glad to read that Chloe is taking her antibiotics now!
Karen said…
You look and ran like a young girl going across that field:) *I can't run much anymore - you don't realize how much you miss such a simple thing! Thanks for the video - I feel like I went on vacation!! The turkeys! I love their 'talk' - and I haven't heard a horse grazing in a pasture for 50 plus years - a huge thank you:)
Jody in Georgia said…
What a wonderful respite in my day to have a meander around the farm...loved it! Thanks for sharing the "pocket of peace" as I call 'em.
Love your videos. It's beautiful and so peaceful. Love that all your critters have a partner to associate with and enjoy the farm. Although I think Sam and TomTom think they are human......maybe Marianne does too. Thank you for answering my question....of course Tetanus and rabies! My pig raising days are behind me but I thoroughly enjoy seeing your pigs. That 'she shed' is so beautiful. To make a place look that beautiful and relaxing takes a lot of work behind the scenes. Have a blessed and safe week. Patty McDonald
Hi Bev,
I so enjoyed this post and your video of all the beauty to behold on your farm.
I hope this note finds you and yours well.