The Sounds of Spring

At some point in the last few weeks,
while our attention was focussed on the news,
Spring waltzed in in all her finery.

Fields, which for months stood brown and grey,
are awash with verdant growth...

and the earth is abuzz with the energy of renewal.
Everywhere you look more and more color is revealed.

Spring is a feast for all of the senses, 
not just the eyes.
The breeze carries with it the light scent of fresh rain,
and newly-opened blossoms.

My ears delight in nature's symphony...
declared in a chorus of birdsongs and peepers.
Turn up your volume and listen...

Thank you for all of the Birthday wishes, yesterday.
I had a perfect day.
Jack did the chores and gave me a day off from work.
We took a little ride (not very far at all)
 into the countryside for a change of scenery...

out through one of my favorite Amish areas...

It was a quiet day, a drizzly day,
but a lovely day, nonetheless.
I have much to be thankful for...
and merely waking up for another birthday
in these scary times was enough!
I did a bit of sewing... more masks, and another critter 
who will soon be ready for an introduction.
Hopefully you can meet her tomorrow.
Thank you for all of your comments, yesterday...
between calls and texts and video chats from family and friends,
as well as your generous sentiments...
I had the perfect birthday!!


daisy g said…
So glad your birthday was wonderful. You deserve nothing less...

I just love the sound of those thundering hooves when the horses take off for greener pastures!

Be Blissed!
Marsha said…
Happy birthday a day late!
Unknown said…
So glad you had a happy birthday!
littlemancat said…
Love the photo of the Amish team of horses. A bit west of here,in Lancaster county,we see this too. I've noticed that the teams are often two horses and two mules. My mother had told me of their teams when she was a girl - I believe they had mules.
Love the birdsong - fills the heart, doesn't it?
Oh, that lovely green and bright daffodils! We're still under a big blanket of snow and cold here.
This N That said…
Happy that you had a good birthday...different than most.Thanks for the Springy post..Loved seeing the horses ready to go to work.Beauties...Not sure what was behind them..HAve a happy day after Hugs
Barbara Beach said…
Happy belated birthday & thank you for sharing your life & farm friends!
Lynne said…
Happy Birthday . . . belated.
Loving your greens and sounds!