The Next Adventure

I am so happy that you enjoyed yesterday's tale!
Look for continuing stories from time to time in the future.
And thank you so very much for your generous comments!!

We enjoyed a beautiful, blue-skied day yesterday on the farm.

The clear, warm weather made it the perfect day to embark
on our next adventure.

The she-shed arrived!

I had spent much of the day working in the garden...
weeding the asparagus patch.
At 4:00 a truck arrived, hauling this adorable little structure.

By 4:30, it was sitting right in the middle of the pad 
that we had had prepared weeks ago.

It is situated in the apple orchard, next to this beauty.

And by 7:00, the exterior walls were painted.

Today I will paint the front door, the porch, and all of the trim.
I have ordered some decorative wood trim for the posts.

This is going to be a work in progress for quite some time...
especially since I am unable to go to the hardware store to get the items
that I need to finish the inside.
Luckily we had the paint ready.
The rest will have to wait.

Hopefully as the summer progresses, 
we will be able to make some headway and share our progress with you.
For now, I will work on the exterior and the landscaping
around it.


Louise Stopford said…
Bev your 'She Shed' looks amazing. Far too nice and grand to be called a shed though. It's lovely and I am very envious and also looking forward to what you are going to get up to inside your very own private place.
colleen said…
Your dream. It is going to be so much fun watching you every step of the way as you transform this little She-Shed into a little piece of heaven.
daisy g said…
It's lovely! Can't wait to see how you Bev it up!

Enjoy these beautiful blue sky days!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
what fun! i can't wait to see it finished! i'm having an appalachian guy build me a cute tool shed this summer.
Junebug said…
This is going to be fun to watch it progress! Looks like it might have a wood stove in it! Sure enjoying sunny days!
Exciting! And you picked a beautiful spot for it!
Karen said…
I am SO happy for you! You're own little 'nest':) Thanks for taking us along on the journey . .
Beachgram said…
Looking forward to seeing all this come alive with your special touches.
This N That said…
Adorable..Love the color..Looks somewhat like the playhouse but with your new format, I can't search your blog to find out??I see window boxes!!Will you have any power?Won't you have fun outfitting it?? Happy for you !! love it!!