The Day to Day...

Every day after grazing time,
it's nap time.

I love this time of day.
I love to see the horses completely comfortable,
feeling safe in their surroundings... not a care in the world.

As I mentioned yesterday, 
we have arrived at that time of year when we are often
awakened in the middle of the night by the dogs crying 
to go outside because they have heard the barking of a fox.

It's also that time of year when the fox parents are teaching 
their kits to hunt...
that time of year when we have suffered chicken losses.

Because of this, we are keeping the hens and runner ducks
on lock down.
Sadly, they must stay in their yards for their own 

Because the runner ducks cannot fly,
I am going to make a run out into the grass
with some poultry fencing.
That will keep them close to the horse lot which is a safe place for them.

Tom and Fred still have free run of the farm.
I seriously don't think a fox would try to tangle
with either of these big fellows.
A coyote, yes... but a fox, hopefully not.
Luckily, coyotes are out at night when the boys
are safely inside their house.

Our two little black barn kitties,
Beatrix One and Beatrix Two,

have each earned the title of rafter cats.

Ever since the barn swallows returned to the barn,
the cats have been in the rafters trying to find a way
over to the swallow nest.

Luckily... to no avail!
It sure keeps them occupied.

To answer a question from yesterday...
We have five barn cats.
They all get along just fine, but gravitate to different parts of the barn.
The two black Beatrixes play together.
The rest are not much into play...
but all are into lovin'.

(Looking at the above photos just made me realize that I need
to clean the cobwebs from the barn rafters!!)

As always, I have been staying occupied.
yes... more blueberry buckle... gotta use up
the last of last years frozen blueberries,
before our 75 bushes have to be harvested again!

sewing... a dress for Marietta Mouse,

and a shirt for Bertram Badger.

I had been waiting to sew a shirt for under his overalls
until I had appropriate shirt material.
Luckily, this past weekend, one of Hubbs' favorite
shirts bit the dust.
I assured him I could do something with it...
and turned it into a miniature version of its former self.

The garden, despite the unseasonably cold weather,
has been growing.

 This is the first box of sugar peas that I planted.
It has two rows of radishes as well.

The second box has seedlings in it as well as a patch of new lettuce
Much of the garden is planted.
I am eagerly awaiting warmer weather so that I can plant the peppers and
tomatoes that are growing in the greenhouse.
Replanting the tomatoes in larger pots has allowed
(all 100+ of) them to grow to a pretty big size.
Need a couple tomato plants?
I might have extras.  (LOL)

I have also started another scarf/shawl...
kitted from the softest, earth tone, merino wool.

(I'll be sending it out to one of you in the next couple of weeks.)
If you commented on the last giveaway, 
your name will go back in the hat.
If you want to be added to the list, I will ask for 
additional comments at a later point.


colleen said…
I have been eating (drinking) up our blueberries in smoothies.
The little dress and shirt are the sweetest ever!!
Funny how you should mention how many tomato plants you have... A lot for us would of been the 35 that Doug planned on starting. Well I was the one to start them and I started 66 lol. All but a few didn't grow. I am turning my patio into a small garden using fabric pots. I will have a salad garden handy to my kitchen and easy to get to. I'm so excited about that.
Another shawl drawing sure is something fun to look forward to. xxxx
Maureen M said…
Love, love, love reading your posts and admiring your photos!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i am chomping at the bit to get my tomatoes in the ground. it's still too cold though. the runner ducks sure look like they want to run. i love the colors in the autumnal! 5 months to the wedding. i sure hope it will happen.
Karen said…
You two treat your animals with such sweetness! I'm SO happy the runner ducks get their own grassy run . . . .in that group they look like they are totally lost without going out on their daily foraging! Tom and Fred are SO handsome - their feathers look so plush - I'd be petting them all the time . .
This N That said…
Everybody in their places...That's always a good thing..I have seen our fox several times lately with a squirrel or something smaller in it's mouth taking it to feed it's kits..Love the new additions to the wardrobes..Too clever..Love the colors in the new shawl..Definitely my colors..xxoo
Lisa said…
Oh my gosh! Those outfits are so cute! Will you be selling some of your critters? They would look great in my soon to hopefully be she shed. Around here we don't have many issues with foxes. Coyotes at night, but our problems lie with mink! One mink can kill over 20 chickens in an hour or less. Don't ask how I know. 😡 And they are small so chicken wire is completely useless in these parts.

Love the cats!
Anonymous said…
I am intrigued by the scarf/shawl you are knitting, can you share what the patter is, dimensions etc. I have lots of yarn left over after knitting children's cardigans etc. and don't fancy making yet another blanket comprised of knitted squares.