While all of the land around us has been greening up,
our front pasture has been slow to follow suit.

Yesterday, however, during morning chores,
we looked out over our grazing friends to see that
overnight the pasture turned from brown to green.

We had had severe thunderstorms with almost 
continuous lightening and an inch of rain the previous night.
Apparently that rain combined with the sun we have had
during the day was the right combination to flip
a switch in the pasture.
Presto, chango!

Yesterday was another beautiful day.
I was able to spend the entire day outside in short sleeves.
Going without a coat is nothing short of heavenly!

The horses spent the morning in the pasture.
Luckily with the sun behind them,
you cannot see how utterly filthy they are.
For some reason, rolling in mud is a favorite activity,
and they all apparently had a turn at it.

We are to have a few more storms this week.
When they are over, this herd is going to get a good grooming.

Spring grass has given little Ollie a good case of diarrhea,
so his back half is quite foul.
A bath will be the next warm day's priority!

Yesterday was another busy day.
I spent the morning in the greenhouse,
re-potting seedlings (tomatoes).

As usual, Griz had to be somewhere on my body.

The afternoon was spent in the workshop...
(a couple of turkeys stopped by for a visit)

Jack made the framework for my banister,

and I cut out the pickets.

By the end of the afternoon... half done.

Will hopefully finish the other side today.
Then I must paint the whole thing.
Bunny fences will be white,
porch will be brown with white trim around the outside
(where it now is green).

You asked what paint I use...
The brown is actually an exterior stain.
The white and green are latex, satin, exterior paint with primer.

Next job... insulation (not so glamorous.)

Did I "need" a she-shed?
Of course not.
But, I have always been drawn to tiny spaces.
(If my circumstances were different, I would live in a tiny house.)
I have always dreamed of a tiny space all my own...
and half of the fun is the creation of this space and the gardens surrounding it.


Louise Stopford said…
The fencing around your 'she-shed' is gorgeous. How clever you both are. I love the way Grizz always has to be 'on' you - what a lovely cat he is with obviously a gently sweet nature. I am quite envious of your new space - it's looking SO good. With your creative flair it's going to look wonderful - inside and out. Can't wait to follow you with this project - it's exciting.
Susan said…
I love the bunny porch rails and can't wait to see how the magical garden house evolves! Thank you for sharing a normal calm day with us.
Love the photo of you and Griz! And there is no need to justify creating a she-shed -- who WOULDN'T want one?
littlemancat said…
The bunny railing is the best! Your she-shed will be such fun, never,never a need to justify joy. What I really admire is your ability to balance sitting on an upturned pot,cat on one leg,and re-potting tomatoes! Lol!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
griz is such a character. i love love love that railing!
This N That said…
Love the picture with you and Grizz..Your seat looks rather uncomfortable to me but I imagine you're not on it very long..It is pouring here right now..The next few days look a bit stormy..Your banister is darling..I was wondering if you used a primer..Thanks for clearing that up..Great that paint comes with it these days..
Yuk..insulation.wear a mask!! I always wanted a tiny house..Some of them are adorable..Looks like the sun is trying to come out...still raining..could be a rainbow around soon..xxoo
Rita B Caldwell said…
In the greenhouse photo I noticed your bale of potting mix.  What kind is it and where do you buy it?  The last bag I got was from Amazon at $56.
Anonymous said…
Griz, what a sweetheart!

Beachgram said…
Bunny fence and Griz made me smile today!