Expect The Unexpected

One thing farm life has taught me is to always
be ready for the unexpected.

Daily To-Do lists are always written in pencil,
as circumstances often dictate the course of the day.

Yesterday was one such day.
I had spent the morning (after chores) in the workshop
cutting another 8 bunny pickets.

Griz kept me company, of course.
The funny thing was...
 As I worked, I had music playing on my phone
(a new occurrence in the barn).
Hearing the music, Griz started to growl - 
much like he had when he first moved into the barn.
Ah-ha... he was scared.
I picked him up and took him over to the phone,
and sang a little to him.
 10 minutes later he was lounging on the tool chest next to the
scary music machine.
I truly don't think Griz was ever anyone's pet.
His prior experiences seem quite limited -
luckily, he's amenable to change.

The pickets were finished in a couple hours,
so I headed down to the shed to install them...
only to find that Hubbs had already almost finished
the insulation.

After that I spent a few hours making another batch of masks.
While indoors,  I heard what sounded like a jet engine
It was a ferocious wind storm.

Finished with my sewing task, I headed out to do the afternoon chores,
with the intention of painting the front porch of the shed

What I found, however, when I reached the chicken pen was this...

the willow tree next to the chicken yard was partially
blown over by the wind.
With every gust of wind the roots would rise up
out of the ground farther and farther.

Half of the weight of the tree was on the wire roof 
of the chicken yard and the supporting structures beneath 
were creaking with the weight of the tree.

I knew this was something that needed to be dealt with immediately,
so I headed back to the house to get Jack.

He grabbed his chain saw and his extended chain saw
and within an hour had taken the threatening tree
down to just a trunk.

We'll need to do quite a bit of repair work on the chicken yard,

and also remove all of the tree limbs from the goat pasture.

I did get a chance to start the painting job
when we finished the tree work.
Here is the first coat on one side of the porch,
just to give you an idea of what it will look like 
when finished.

Is it me, or is everyone having a hard time
keeping the days straight.
I can scarcely believe that it's Friday already.
Our weather is to turn colder as we head into the weekend.
I have no idea what our Easter weekend holds,
but one thing is sure...
I'll be back on Monday with more tales.

Be well, be safe!
Hugs from the farm....


daisy g said…
We had some gusts yesterday as well. Glad no further damage was found.
The bunny fencing looks adorable! No doubt the Littles will love it.

Enjoy your holiday!
littlemancat said…
It was a bit wild here too,weather-wise. Sheets of heavy rain,hail,and those high winds. Sorry about the willow and the damage. And your bunny rails look great!
Have to admit, the tree work would have been enough for me for one day - haha!
I'm so glad Griz has found such a wonderfully nurturing home with you. He is the luckiest cat alive!
Eileen in Fla. said…
Hope you can have a virtual egg hunt with the 'Littles.' Happy Easter.
Lynne said…
Oh the wind . . . usually a story or two.
We had a huge oak come down, blocking our garden path into the woods.
Guess we will have to hire someone to come in . . .
Loving your little shed . . .
Happy Easter!