The Friday Wrap-Up

It seems only fitting that we forgo our
Friday's Food for Thought 
chats for the time being.

It is my deepest belief that although
there is much sadness in the world of humanity - 
 that Mother Earth is giving a big sigh of relief
that we are driving less, consuming less, doing less.
Perhaps we've helped to push the "reset" button...
 at least for a while.
Once life gets back to normal again we can continue our discussions
on ways we can walk a little more softly on our Earth.

Well, we've made it through our first week of physical distancing.
Hopefully you have not been overcome by cabin fever.
Hopefully this time has motivated you to try
something new... learn something new...
finish something you've been meaning to do...
start something else...

Blueberry buckle... gotta finish up last year's blueberries before this year's arrive.
Some of you, in the western half of our country,
are dealing with new snow.
Us??... a bit of rain.

Moist ground makes for easy gardening, though,
so I took the opportunity to do a little perennial clean-up yesterday.
(With a cheering section!)

I am so glad I did, because there in the garden, I found this!

It's spring... yes, she came last night while most of us were sleeping.
(We really should have been out in the woods reveling...
and greeting her properly... 
but, social distancing means we'd have to have
been alone in the woods!)

Our first front pasture daffodil has begun to open.

And the first Johnny jump-up has bloomed.

I completely credit my love of gardening to Johnny jump-ups.
As a child, we visited my Nana and Papap quite often.
They were avid gardeners and always had Johnny jump-ups
in their gardens.
Invariably, I would leave their home with a container of these precious
mini viola plants to transplant around my own home.
I dug holes and gently placed them in the earth...
and I was hooked.

Of course rain always makes for messy ponies.

Looks like we will be having a long grooming session
when the sun returns.

Naturally, the donkey girls remain pristine.
No rolling in the mud for these girls!

I spent a little more time sewing yesterday afternoon.
Luna Lapin (not her final name) now has a pin-tucked,
lace-trimmed, feminine

to wear beneath her pinafore.

She's a proper little bunny and deserves a proper wardrobe.
Next on the list...
a pair of Wellies and a spring coat.
Stay tuned.

I also wanted to share a little something scary.
I went into our pantry room in the basement.
It's where I store our home grown canned goods and also
where I store our sweet potatoes.

I was greeted by something rather monstrous growing on one of the shelves.

Some leftover summer red potatoes have grown roots...
and roots...
and roots....

I might just plant these in the garden and see what grows!

I am so thankful for modern technology.
It makes this "distancing" time so much easier.
I try to "Face-Time" (video chat) with our kids and grandkids
with regularity.
Yesterday, I was even able to take Easton on a virtual "Go-go" ride.
I held the phone with the camera facing the front of the gator 
as I drove all over the farm.

We visited the animals and he smiled from ear to ear.
Technology gave us a fun shared experience.... with miles separating us.

Oh, and I almost forgot to share our news.
Mackenzie and Easton will be getting a little brother in September.
We are very excited!!

Well, the weekend has arrived and we have BIG plans.
More of the same... with outside activities weather-dependent.
Hang in there...
You may feel alone, but you are not!
If you are feeling isolated.... drop me an email.
(beehavenmaven at
(I would put a link, but then spammers would have it as well)
We are all in this together,
and we are all going to get through this...

Hugs from the farm.


colleen said…
This post made for a happy Friday morning. Congratulations on having another grand on the way!!! I will be so happy when our snow is gone and I see green peeping through in my flower garden. Luna's underdress is so adorable. Jada (my granddaughter) will love today's post. She loves animals, flowers and bunnies. I bet you will end up with some yummy red potatoes. Will be looking forward to Monday and what the weekend held in store for you. Big hugs to you.
daisy g said…
Congrats on the new grandbaby! I'm sure the thrill never gets old.

Your bunny is charming. It's obvious that a lot of love went into her creation.

I'm hoping going into the second (or third) week of this helps folks to simmer down. We will get through this, just as our parents or grandparents got through many tough times.
We are resilient!

Continued blessings to you and yours.
I fell in love with johhny-jump-ups when I was a little girl too. An old lady who lived across the railway tracks from us had them and gave me a clump to transplant in our home flower garden. We had johnny-jump-ups for years because of that single clump!
Anonymous said…
You continue to outdo yourself, cuz, with the stuff you write and share. I totally agree that this is a time to rest, step back, ponder. A Sabbath.
I finished my rugs. Now I must hem them. Not a favorite task.
Hugs right back atcha! And Luna looks great, waiting for the wellies.
This N That said…
More people have to get cabin fever..too many out there..sad that some are thumbing their noses at this virus.good time to garden,clean closets and drawers..even garages if you are up to it..Could happen if this lasts as long as it very well could..Love your cheering section..LOLOur Daffodils are all up and beautiful..I think you may have dirty ponies for week looks damp without much sun...Luna is the best dressed rabbit I've seen in awhile..Don't forget Minerva..I think those roots will produce more taters..Enjoy your weekend..Happy Spring..
Christine said…
I love the sweet little bunny. It reminds me of some my mom made when I was younger. This past week has been crazy, our schools have closed and my kids have started on line school, which has been hard to navigate. I have 4 that are in school and one younger that's not. We've been doing school from 9am-9pm Now we understand how it will work i'm hoping next week will be smoother,It's been hard.
Anyway your blog is my "get away"your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for your posts and sharing your farm life with us!

Christine-from UT
Eileen in Fla. said…
A huge thank you to you and all Bloggers. You are truly doing a national service keeping us connected and up-beat. And how generous of you to share your E-mail address. I am a news junky and am trying to distance from that too. I feel at loose-ends and can't concentrate on a long novel at the moment...but blogs are just the right amount of pleasure reading and distraction. I've created a personal "blog library" by book-marking all my favorites, so I can browse throughout the day in reading bliss.