Quarantine Tales

By the time Friday rolled around,
we were ready for a sunny day...
and we got just that!

As I lay there in the front pasture on my stomach
staring at the blue sky behind the daffodils,
I felt a deep sense of peace and tranquility.

Spring has arrived in all her glory...
with each day revealing more and more spectacular hues
into a world that has for so many months
been devoid of color.

Eager to get out and about in the world,
we hopped onto our bicycles and took off on a long ride.
We covered 15 miles of countryside.
I felt the freedom of childhood within my soul
as I pedaled up hill and down,
with the wind in my ears.

After spending so much time at home,
it was wonderful to get a change of scenery,
as well as a good dose of exercise.

When we returned home, we set about
to build a tunnel in the garden.

I transplanted the kale and lettuce plants from the greenhouse
and sowed some extra lettuce and spinach seeds.

We will uncover the hoops during the daylight hours,
but cover them back up for the cold nights.

All of these plants are cold-tolerant, but I hate
to press my luck.
We could still have some very cold nights ahead.

I am so happy that we spent Friday out of doors,
because Saturday and Sunday brought nothing but storms
and heavy rain.

By Sunday, the daffodils were standing in the midst of a 
pasture stream...

the sheep were quite bedraggled...

and the pond was almost over-flowing.

There's nothing worse than being stuck in a soaking wet 
wool sweater!

We were able to take the dogs for a woodsy walk Sunday afternoon.

Originally we had planned a trip to North Carolina this weekend
to visit with Ryan and Bekah,
as well as some friends.
Needless to say, those plans were cancelled.
However, because we had planned for farm help for the weekend,
we took the weekend off from farm chores
and had a staycation instead.

I spent Saturday making 
a gingham shirt for Reginald...

Clementine Cat...

and Sunday making Phinneas T. Phox...
photos tomorrow, as his clothes were not finished at the time 
of this writing.
I might have to share some of these critters' adventures around the farm 
in future blogs.

I received a question about our old log cabin in Friday's comments.
This structure dates back to the 1750's.

On examining the structure, it appears that the original cabin
may have only had one room.  
Eventually a second room was added as well as a second floor.
A tiny, narrow staircase leads from the second room upstairs.

It was inhabited up until the 1960's.
It has no indoor plumbing, and only rudimentary electricity.
It was, however, built over a spring.
We have had a lot of work done over the years
to preserve this wonderful piece of history.
And we were so lucky, last summer, to meet a family 
who had once lived in this old cabin.

We have had a brush with Covid-19 in our family.
One of our kids contracted it, but is recovering nicely.
We are praying that this is the last case within
our family.
These are scary times, indeed.
Be safe, friends.  Be well.


How marvelous that you are preserving that old cabin! And yes, I hope that's the only brush with Covid-19 that your family will have.
You are a wonderful seamstress and knitter (is there a proper word for knitter?). How did you learn to sew so well? Whoever taught you did a great job.
Eileen in Fla. said…
Hope and prayers for your family member and all of you. Stay well.
littlemancat said…
Thinking of you and all the folks at the farm,furry,feathered, or otherwise - haha!
Best wishes to all.
The bunnies,cat,and soon to be fox are dear! Can't wait to follow their adventures around the farm.
Marcia LaRue said…
So sorry to read one of your kids have had to deal with this virus ... since the ski areas here in CO have been hard-hit, I would guess it might be the ones who just moved out here! Good to know they are recovering ... whew! Scary, indeed!
Your little sewn critters are adorable ... making those tiny clothes ... nimble fingers and good eyesight and excellent sewing knowledge! LOL
The "real" cat has a notch on it's ear ... who is that one and was it a TNR kitty at one time?
Be safe ... be well ... <3
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i just love those animals. good news that your child id fine. i'm worried sick about my daughter because her fiance' still has to work.
This N That said…
Happy to see the Daffys and Azaleas..I think it may be awhile until we see any garden centers open..Altho the ones that sell food are open..Guess we'll see..The weather has had it's hand in controlling our activity as well as the virus these days..Your latest creations are adorable..Ther is still some chlld in you...I can't imagine being a wet sheep..Yuk..They probably don't smell very good either..Have a good week..stay safe..Hugs
Thanks Bev, for your always enjoyable blog. Gee how fun to see the plantings in your garden and your beautiful daffodils and other flowers cropping up. Our daughter and her husband in New Jersey also have the virus now....but last I heard they are doing better. Thank God! Wishing all the best for your whole family! Stay safe and stay well.