Just A Quick Hello

Good morning, friends.
I hope you are well.

I believe that Ole Man Winter left us yesterday...
hopefully for good!
And on his way out he gave us a wintry mix of rain and snow.
Luckily, temperatures were warm enough 
that none of it accumulated on the ground.

I did notice, while doing late evening chores,
a tiny pocket of snow in the crook of the red maple
tree behind the barn...

the tree where the guineas roost for the night.'

Around here, that is known as the "onion snow".
And now it's time to plant our onions.
I am so ready to get back into the garden again.
Gardening helps make life seem a little more normal.

I spent most of the day in my sewing room,
sewing another batch of masks for the ER nurses.

The day passed quickly and by the end I had
accumulated 2 dozen masks.
I plan to finish another dozen this morning and 
then drive them down to town where I will drop them
on The Littles' front porch.
The hardest part will be leaving without ringing the doorbell.
It's been way too long since I have had a hug
from these little ones.
Thank goodness for Face Time!

As a break from sewing I made a pot of chicken/vegetable soup
and a batch of buttermilk biscuits.
To me, there's nothing more satisfying than a warm
buttermilk biscuit with butter and homemade jam.

I've been deep-cleaning the house... a room each day.
And when I am finished making surgical masks,
I plan to completely re-organize my sewing room.
I'll show you before and after photos as I progress.

Right now, it looks as though a bomb went off in the room...
much like my kitchen looks when I cook!
Thank goodness Jack is willingly my sous chef 
and cleans up as I go.
Now, I just need to find a sous-seamstress!

Hopefully some nicer weather comes our way today
so that I can get outside and take some photos...
and write a proper blog post!


colleen said…
When we get that last unexpected snow of the season it is called poor mans fertilizer.
I sure didn't think of this post as not proper. Keep them coming. xxxx
daisy g said…
Um, this IS a proper blog post! I enjoy hearing about all of your endeavors, no matter how insignificant they may seem to you.
I'm sure it's so hard not to see those sweet grands.
Looking forward to seeing the sewing room makeover! Love all things organizing!

Blessings to you and yours...
Marsha said…
It is so hard not to see our grandkids I agree...
jaz@octoberfarm said…
my house s going to be so clean and organized by the end of this quarantine! i worked in my basement for 5-1/2 hours yesterday. in two more days, it should be done. then on to the garage!!!
littlemancat said…
I agree with Daisy g - this looks like a proper post to me. I love Ivy up on the rafter!
And "onion snow"- love to hear that phrase again. Definitely a PA thing. I once wrote a haiku using that phrase and the editor had no idea. Lol!
Wasn't published, but I may try it again sometime. It evokes early spring to me.
This N That said…
No snow here..Rain? yes..Soup and Biscuits...yum..Jack is a prince..You are very lucky...but then. so is he!
Stay safe..
Kate said…
That chilly rain/snow mix, don't miss it. Cooler in North Carolina but we only had a few flurries all winter. Your blog inspired me to make some surgical masks and discovered that all over the country, sewers are making masks. Reminds me of the women who rolled gauze bandages in WW2 for the Red Cross. I wasn't around then, of course, just remember pictures. However I am not inspired to clean and organize my house like some of your followers. Not yet anyway. Stay safe and warm up there and 'Let the Sunshine In' upon us.
Love that Ivy, so sweet.
Lynne said…
Snow covering here too . . . it was beautiful.
And it was almost all gone by noon . . .
Time for the wild flowers to pop.
Nice masks Beverly!
Lynne said…
Do you share your mask pattern Beverly?
Daisy said…
I would love your pattern too if you are able to share. Thanks so much.