Hello Human

Each morning as we make our way to the barn...
first stopping at the pond to feed the pond ducks,
then heading to the sheep and pigs
 to change water and tidy-up a bit,
we are greeted by so many happy faces.

I'd love to think that they are just happy to see me,
but in truth, I know they are just hungry
and my arrival heralds the start of another day...
and every day starts with breakfast!!

As I walk past the pig yard, 
Moonbeam stands at the corner of the dry lot
just making sure I am headed his way.

The herd follow the fence line back up to the barn,
knowing that they will either be taken to the pasture,
or, as in the case of this somewhat soggy week,
be given a meal of hay.

As I open the barn door, 
I am greeted by Beatrix One and Beatrix Two-
one of them always perched on the stall wall.

While all of this greeting is taking place,
I am acutely aware of the pigs as they
snort and squeal...
calling for their breakfast.
Pigs are definitely impatient when it comes to meals.
They are never just hungry...
no, they are always STARVED!

We make our way around the farm feeding and watering,
cleaning up manure and dumping it on the compost pile.
By the time an hour or so passes,
everyone is happily munching away.

Yesterday was a special day, though.
The farrier was due to arrive after breakfast to trim
everyone's hooves.

In anticipation, I put halters on the donkeys.

Having them ready ahead of time saves a lot of effort.
If the gals see the farrier before I get their halters on,
they quickly respond with
"Oh no, not today!"

Yesterday, Chloe had decided that a halter was not in her plans
for the day.
She ran circles around her yard until, exhausted,
she finally acquiesced.

All I had to do was wait until she was tired.

"See?  That's not so bad."

The farrier came and we practiced social distancing.

Everyone stood nicely.

Everyone got peppermint treats.

And that was the excitement for the day.

Have I mentioned that Griz is the official "helper"?

Yes, he wants to be in the middle of things...

Just a few photos that I wanted to show you...
the forsythia by the old log cabin is ready to bloom...

It won't be long for the flowering quince, as well...

And outside of the barn on the hollow logs that 
are planted with flowers in the summertime...
a lovely variety of fungus.

I love fungus... it fascinates me!
This particular fungus reminds me of an ear lobe!

I can scarcely believe that Friday has rolled around again.
My house is cleaner than it has been in years.
I am well organized and ready to start outdoor spring projects.
Sadly, I don't believe the weather is going to cooperate this weekend...
rain is predicted.
Regardless our time will be full.
To those who are feeling isolated...
we are sending hugs from the farm!
Be well, friends.
We'll be back Monday with more tales.


colleen said…
Thank you for another week of posts. I'm as thankful for BHA as is Grizz. Have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday. xxxx
We are truly blessed to have these farms and our farm animals, and plots of earth to garden in. Especially now I am even more thankful. The work keeps me sane as well.

daisy g said…
What a turnaround Grizz has made! It just goes to show you the power of love...

Enjoy your weekend at the farm. We love being home as well.
Stay strong! This too shall pass...
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i'm going to need a farrier for some chow chow toenails soon since the groomer is on hold! we are in for big storms tomorrow. we sure have had a wet spring so far!
littlemancat said…
Grizz is so sweet - love that first pic of him, such a loving expression.
Your words are such a boost to many of us "out there." Love seeing the animals,budding plants,all of the farm's delights.Thanks again and again.
Boy, Griz sure hit the jackpot when he wandered onto your farm!
Karen said…
We never did have barn cats - they always ended up in the house:) Griz has SUCH a sweet face (well ok, they ALL do). Your posts always brighten my day - and make me so happy that all of your 'kids' are so well loved. Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
You have the best cats!!!!
This N That said…
Animals with attitudes..I guess we all have them..Griz is probably about as much help as Zoey..Gotta love em anyway..Fungus can be very interesting..Love the ears...Have a happy weekend..May be a bit soggy..xxoo
Linda said…
About your photo of the old log cabin near the forsythia, I couldn't help but wonder about the cabin. I love to know the history behind old homes and buildings, it just fascinates me! What is the history behind the old cabin? Do you know who the original occupants were?
Also, thank you for this refreshingly wholesome blog. I look forward to reading each day what's happening on the farm.