Late Winter... Slow Sunday

Mother Nature gifted us a spring teaser this weekend.
After nighttimes in the teens,
both Saturday and Sunday afternoon brought sunny skies
and temperatures in the upper 50's.
It was delightful!

Saturday was quite busy...

filled with farm chores,

Tyler's last swim meet,
and babysitting the Littles.

When Sunday rolled around, we decided that we needed a slow
day at home.

After finishing afternoon barn chores, we packed up the "go-go"

and headed to the campsite in the woods...

Many thanks to all of you who chimed in on Friday's post.
I will continue to bring you Friday Food For Thought...
until I run out of subject matter.
There's much to explore on the subject of food and
its effect on both ourselves and the environment.
As always... I truly enjoy your comments!


Lynne said…
Perfect as perfect can be!
Loved the video . . .
We all need a slow day once in awhile!
daisy g said…
I can't imagine how fabulous that cookout must have been. So peaceful.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful life with us!
littlemancat said…
Loved this - a delicious meal under blue skies! Thanks for sharing with us.
It was sunny here yesterday too but nothing but rain today. Do you pack in the cast iron (so heavy)? I love to eat outside. Nothing better.
This N That said…
SO much fun..I can't tell you the last time I cooked over an open fire..Ah yes, We were in Wyoming..pancake breakfast after horseback riding..Good times..xxoo