Bringing You Blue Skies

Blue-sky days are meant to be shared.

So, if you are in need...

I will try to give you your fill.

By afternoon, yesterday, the sun warmed the farm to the mid-forties -
making for the perfect day for outside work.

With Amanda's help, we ferried the horses back from the upper pastures

where they had spent half the day.

This fellow knows the drill...

and although he takes his good old time 

making a rather detoured route back to the barn,

eventually he gets there.

Such a good boy!

I planted a few more seeds in the greenhouse.
Amazingly, the temperature had soared to over 90 degrees from the bright sunlight,
and the automatic fan turned on to help lower the temperature.

It felt like I was at the Equator!
You may wonder why there is such an eclectic mix of objects on the greenhouse shelves.
Besides being decorated with some bee-themed items,
it serves as a sort of nature museum... 
filled with all sorts of treasures we have found around the farm.

After Christmas, I changed out the dining room table decor with this small dough bowl
filled with natural items found around the farm.

On a daily basis I find many of the items laying outside the bowl, on the table.
Yesterday, I found this in the basement.

The culprit?

It's obvious by the look on her face she's been up to no good.

Yesterday morning, while it was still quite cold outside,
I made this top.

It is the LB Pullover by Paper Theory and is quite simple.
It's a boxy, drop-shoulder, turtleneck pullover that I made in a heavy cotton flannel.
It's quite comfy and very toasty.
I am eager to try it in a sweatshirt fabric.
I'm even thinking that it would be cute cut to tunic or dress length, 
as it is roomy in the hips as well.

Julia... to answer your question from Tuesday's post...
the chain-like thing hanging on the wall of my laundry room is a rug beater.
Before the days of vacuums, the rugs would be hung on the line
and beaten with this tool to remove the dust and dirt.

The other wooden object you asked about is a drying rack..
it opens and looks like this:

I use this quite often to dry pieces of laundry in the house.


Lynne said…
Blue sky days, even with the cold temps put me in a “pick me up” mood . . .
Liking your treasures you find around the farm . . .
No farm here but still bunches of treasures . . .
Seed pods, birdie nests . . . and a few weeks ago I found a tiny white feather . . .
Doesn’t matter who the owner is . . . I think it is a message from a bird saying!
hello, or, maybe, “I like you” or maybe “brrrrr it is cold out here . . .”
I have it saved in my jewelry tray, with my two rings, one bracelet I wear daily.
“It’s the little things,” that brighten my days . . . blue skies and sunshine brighten me too!
The JR said…
You look beautiful in your top. I like it.

We have one of those dryer racks in our laundry room too. But, lol.... I'd need a ladder to reach it!
I wish I had that drying rack! My dryer hasn't worked for over a year and no money to fix it so I hang up everything. I have a rack that folds out that I use and I hang up quite a bit and have a fold out rack for that too.
Love Moonie. He is quite a handsome fella. The sun is out here today and hopefully it will be warm enough this afternoon to get some work done outside.
This N That said…
We could use some blue skies..They have been among the missing lately..Bad Ivy..I'm surprised that's all you found...Love your top..Just my style...xxoo
Anonymous said…
I wondered if that was a rug beater! But drying rack never crossed my mind. That's a very clever device. I wonder if something similar is available today.

Thanks for answering!