Another Grand Weekend (My Favorite!)

I am sitting at the computer completely voiceless.
I can manage a whisper, but nothing more.
I had thought all through last week that I might be able to fight off
some upper respiratory symptoms that were annoying me.
Looks like I lost the battle.

(It snowed a little both Saturday and Sunday mornings... then melted by noon.)

Whispering can come in very handy, however.
I spent the weekend with my grands...

taking Tyler to see The Lion King on Broadway on Saturday,

and then spending the day here on the farm with my kids,
and their kids... Tyler, Mackenzie, and Easton.
We all had farm breakfast together... along with Dr. Becky and her family...
then spent the rest of the day just hanging out on the farm.

As for the whispering -
I have found that the kids really listen to me when I whisper...
almost as if they are afraid they might miss something important!

After breakfast, the big boys were out and about...
On one of their trips back to the house,
Grizz followed along.

We've seen Grizz out and about - patrolling the farm -
but never as far away from the barn as the house.
Amazingly, he followed the boys right back to the barn again.
I guess he just likes hanging with the guys!

We did a lot of gator trips around the farm...
with lots of willing participants in chore time.

Easton helped his aunt Jenn feed the goats,

while Mack searched for eggs in the henhouses....

carefully packing them up in egg cartons.

It was a full and happy weekend spent with my favorite youngsters.
I think I'll need the weekdays to recover from all of the fun, though!

I received some amaryllis bulbs for Christmas,
and have been patiently awaiting their blooming in my kitchen window.
The tallest is now in full bloom, and is glorious!

A little bit of summer color can be just what one needs in the middle of February!!

So, if you want someone to talk to today...
feel free to message me.
Looks like typing is the only talking that I'll be doing.


Lynne said…
Love a great weekend with things and people I enjoy.
Yours sounds perfect Beverly.
Even with a whisper!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
another perfect weekend!
daisy g said…
Hope you're feeling better soon. I'll bet the animals love you whispering sweet nothings in their ears! ;0D

Curious how you deal with illness, being a nurse but also leaning toward more natural practices. I'd love to hear your take on that.
That Grizz is becoming quite the cat!
Anonymous said…
The look on Grizz's face is priceless. He is one happy cat.