To me, the key to a perfect day is to rise before the sun
with the intention of being present to watch the sunrise.

And although our sunsets are often more dramatic than our sunrises,
it's the rising sun that moves me.

And it's more than just the beauty of the moment.
To me, it's the joy and the gratitude of witnessing the start of a brand new day -
one filled with infinite possibilities.

I love starting a new day.
Each day starts out much like the one before.
The same chores need to be done.
And yet, there is no denying that each day holds something different,
something unique.

As always, the animals are fed and watered, and their housing areas cleaned and tidied.

To be able to do these tasks with the backdrop of a magnificently rising sun,
makes the job somehow transcendent.

This life isn't for everyone.
It can be challenging, hard, even, at times.
But, the rewards, to me, are worth every ounce of inconvenience.
And really, inconvenience is merely a perception.
It is not tangible, but rather, is a judgement that lives only within our minds.

So to reframe "inconvenience" as "privilege" makes all of the difference in the world.
And therein lies one of the keys to living a happy life.
Reframe your inconveniences into privileges,
and you are immediately grateful.

Something that I am extremely grateful for is 
having Dr. Becky (Hubb's sister) here on the farm.
We could not have cared for this huge animal family all of these years
 without her help and advice.

She arrived at the barn early yesterday morning to pick up Griz.

He wasn't too happy about the transportation.

However, his surgery was quick.
He slept off his sedation ... 

and was back recuperating in the hayloft
after just a couple hours...

with room service.

All is well.
Without Testosterone on board, there is a better chance
that Griz will remain a forever friend at the barn.

While Griz was having his surgery,
I busied myself at the sewing machine under the watchful eye of Ivy,
the house manager (boss).

I finished a wool and wax bag,

and started another waxed canvas bag.

(I am loving this lining fabric!)

She's a very happy cat, although her expression begs to differ.

Ivy, our house cat, goes in and out throughout the day.
She never uses a litter box, but prefers to attend to business outside.
She's pretty much the perfect house cat.

Here we are again... another Friday.
Our weekend will be highlighted by an overnight visit from Tyler.
He's so much fun... I can hardly wait.
Hope your weekend is just what you need!
We'll be back Monday with more tales from the farm.

PS... For Melanie, who asked for a simple fingerless mitt pattern. 
You will need to learn a "make 1" stitch, for the thumb hole...
 and you can find really good videos on YouTube that will explain it.
If you email me, I will send you a copy of the pattern.


Marsha said…
We are having our Christmas tonight!!!
Bee Haven Bev said…
Wo(nderful! I hope it is lovely for you!
daisy g said…
Witnessing the daily sunrise with unobstructed views must be a truly awesome experience.

Enjoy your weekend with Tyler!
littlemancat said…
Your thoughts today were just what I needed. And enjoyed the little video - what a nice voice "Hubbs" has.
Enjoy your lovely grandson and the week-end.
P.S. Hope Grizz is doing well. And love Ivy! Those tabbies!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i love being up before sunrise. good boy griz! you really are so lucky to have becky. have fun with tyler!
Love the lining. Hope Griz makes a quick and full recovery from losing his stuff.
What beautiful photos of the sunrise! And your commentary -- very zen! I hope Grizz has a good recovery and a quieter life now. Loved the video too!
This N That said…
Pretty sunrise...Glad Griz is OK...You are very lucky to have "Dr Becky" so near by..Great picture of Miss Ivy..Have fun with Tyler..I'm sure he will enjoy his time at BHA..Love you r Privilege/inconvenience thought..More people should think that way. Although I have several inconveniences that would have to go a long way to be considered a privilege..LOL.Have a wonderful weekend..