Here Comes The Sun...

In case you wondered,
Grizz is getting along quite nicely since last week's neutering.
He seems to have taken the whole thing in his stride.

Each time we arrive at the barn he is there to greet us...
often wrapping himself around our legs, purring.

Yesterday I sat on the barn floor with him and he ended up in my lap.
We had quite a long "loving" session.

What a change in demeanor he's had over the past two months!

When he first arrived here at the barn, 

I wouldn't have thought that in a couple months this would happen...

He is such a love!

It looks as though we have a permanent member of the barn family.

Yesterday began as another grey day.

But, with no precipitation in the forecast,
we turned everyone out into the pastures for the entire morning.

This is one of my favorite activities.
Witnessing the animals' obvious joy in being free to roam makes my heart happy!

By noontime, the sun shone brightly in a clear blue sky.
Not wanting to miss a chance to enjoy the sunshine,
I worked on cleaning up the garden.

This is the earliest in the year that I have ever been able to work in the garden.
The ground has not yet frozen, so the soil was easy to work.

We cleaned pastures and paid a visit to Ellie Shelley...

giving the dogs an opportunity to get to know each other through play.
It didn't take long at all.

Ellie, at just over four months has grown like a weed.

What fun!

On the way home...

ahhhhh....basking in the sunlight... an afternoon nap... how delicious!


Lisa said…
Ahhhh sun! We have had a very mild winter here so far and that's not good. People say it's great but I tell them next summer when we gave an over abundance of mosquitos and ticks you would have wished for more snow. Our temps hover around +5 to -4 celcius Not good for tapping our trees for syrup either. Oh well. We'll take what God gives us and work with that. Love the equine and dog pics. Oh and the Grizz pics as well.
I love watching Red and Ollie's little legs running to the other pasture. Thanks for sharing with us. Love the videos.
Anonymous said…
Your kindness lifts my spirits.
Thank You,
Yay, Grizz! His horrible homeless ordeal is over and now he's happy, warm, safe, loved and well-fed! I love a happy ending.
This N That said…
Grizz is obviously thankful for his happy ending..He's fed daily and safe among all his BHA buddies..It's a good life..Ellie has gotten so big...Love the "Hey, I'm flying" picture..Yes, It was nice to see the sun again...Hugs
sheryl said…
dogs in mid air!!!!! i love it!! Griz is one lucky cat! Thank you for sharing your life on the blog.
Lynne said…
Oh my . . . what the sun can do!
I can't believe you don't have snow! What a strange winter....but it looks like your clan is enjoying it all so that's the best part. Fun to see your those crazy ducks. Enjoy your sunny snow-free days.....we're almost to February! Here we have more than 50 inches of snow on the ground ….. and counting!
Dee J. Hartman said…
Oh what fun, playing in the sun!!!