Heading Into A Snowy Weekend (Maybe)

I was so happy to hear that you enjoyed my Foggy Morn video yesterday.
I do enjoy creating videos and hope to do more in the future.
And yes, those horses kick up their heels and run like that almost every time
they go out to pasture.
Pure joy!

It's been a week of crazy weather extremes,
and a week that is predicted to end in snow.

Bring it on, Winter... we're ready!

Jack gave me the morning off yesterday.
I stayed inside and cooked and baked while he tended to our animal friends.
We have friends coming to spend the weekend on the farm and I wanted to 
get all of the food prepared and make some desserts.

As winter winds howled (and I mean they really howled!),
I baked a blueberry buckle and a brambleberry pie...

as well as a quiche.
And just in case you wondered... my pie crusts are all-butter crusts.

Baking was somewhat of a workout this time,
because I had to keep running to our basement refrigerator to get
all of the necessary ingredients.
Yes, our kitchen refrigerator died this week... a compressor issue...
found when I was searching the freezer for frozen cranberries,
only to find that everything had thawed.

Luckily, most all of our frozen food is stored in a downstairs freezer,
so the only valuable thing that I lost was some of this past summer's peppers.

With company coming, I hated to not have a refrigerator,
so I phoned our local appliance store and they were able to get a replacement
in for me.  It will be delivered this morning.

What happened to the days when appliances lasted 30 years?

By afternoon, with the baking finished,
I needed to get some fresh air and outdoor exercise,
so I headed out to clean pastures.
It's always good to have the pastures spic and span before the snow comes.
Snow makes pasture cleaning next to impossible.

As I made my way around the front pasture,
I could see that MaryAnn was trying to get my attention.
I met her at the fence, 
and she immediately flopped down on her side so that I could rub her belly.

Sweet pig.
Don't tell anyone, but she really is my all-time favorite animal.

We have a connection.
Seriously, you'd never think that a pig could be one's soul mate,
but, she is!
Well, besides Hubbs, that is!

Just as I was finishing up the manure pick-up,
the sky opened and a snow squall passed over us.
I think it was just a little preview of what is to come this weekend.

The guineas were not in the mood for sleeping out in the wind,
so they joined the ducks in the duck house for the night.
Strange bedfellows!

Wind and snow squalls also keep the donkeys indoors.
They are definitely fair weather gals.

We have lots of fun activities planned for the weekend.
Hikes, a murder mystery evening, a trip to our favorite brewery,
lots of good food and lots of laughs.
We'll be back on Monday to tell you all about it.

Hugs from the farm!!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
what a fun weekend you have planned. i have a dinner party planned for sunday. i hope you get snow. we might get an inch or two but it will melt quickly. have a good weekend!
Anonymous said…
That buckle looks wonderful!!!!
Anonymous said…
Our refrigerator is 34 years old! My husband keeps wanting a new one and I say no-way! New ones are lasting 4 years. I think of all the appliances that end up in the landfill, it is painful. Sadly even if you spend more money on one, it doesn't last any longer. It will be a sad day when the refrigerator goes, my grandparents bought it as a house warming gift and they have been gone for more than a decade. Lisa G in TN
Jody in Georgia said…
Thanks for continuing to brighten my weekdays....I really look forward to my "visits to the farm". My teen years were spent living on a farm, but I was always a city girl and moved to the city when I graduated from high school. But your posts always evoke good memories and a sense of peace.
All your baking looks delicious! Have fun with your guests this weekend!
This N That said…
Looks as though you are all set for your company..What a fun crew it will be!! Glad you could get your refrigerator replaced..Nothing lasts 30 years these days..Planned obsolescence..Made more cheaply across the pond..Enjoy your weekend..Say Hi!!..xxoo
Karen said…
You have NO idea how I look forward to your posting every day - starts out my day on such a high note! *By the way - I have an old Penncrest little chest freezer (J.C. Penney) that I inherited from my Mom. It is from 1965 and is still humming away. I have an old Kenmore Ultra dishwasher and washer that are just outstanding in their cleaning ability. I know they aren't energy efficient - but I try and make up in other areas on that score. I have older just about everything (including myself:)
Pier21cdn said…
Hi. Hope your storm isn’t more than just some flurries and your guests can drive safely. Wondering how you keep your heat lamps and water running in the barn, coops, etc? Are they part of your solar grid incase of a power outage? Do hope your new fridge is up and running for the weekend. Food looks yummy, enjoy your visit!
The Eats look delicious and what a super fun weekend you have planned. Wish I could join in the fun. Can't wait to hear all about it!
Dee J. Hartman said…
I love that MaryAnn! She's on my Bucket list to meet someday! BTW, I found a site you might be interested in seeing....

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