The Weekend Re-Cap

It's nearly impossible to encapsulate the kind of weekend we had
into one blog post... and do it justice.

Even with losing our turkey to the wind (see Friday's post),
our Thanksgiving was nothing short of perfect. 

No, we didn't set a fancy table.
No, we didn't eat turkey... instead we had a taco feast
with all sorts of sides and desserts.

And although a traditional, formal dinner is a wonderful thing,

(Me and my youngest, the Littles' Dad)
we have learned that all it really takes for a wonderful holiday

Ryan (one of Hubbs' twins) and his wife Bekah (they live in North Carolina)
 is the joy of togetherness... 

(My Mom and Michael)
of spending time with those we love.

Mackenzie and her Aunt Jenn (my oldest... Tyler's Mom)
Our taco bar was a big hit - and we stuffed ourselves.

Games were played.
Gogo's were ridden.

Memories were made.

It was the perfect day spent from beginning to end.
Sadly, this year we were missing Tyler (who went to camp with his Dad)
and Tim and Amanda (Ryan's twin)  who spent the holiday with Tim's family.
It's hard, with a big family to get absolutely everyone together.
Some years we are just lucky!

Saturday we got together, again, for our annual Gingerbread House Extravaganza.
Don't be fooled by the serious look on everyone's face...
we all had fun...

but, decorating gingerbread houses is taken very seriously around here!
When the decorating was complete, we pulled out the leftover food and feasted again!

At sunset, we took the littles to a local Christmas display.
A couple down the road from us fills their entire house and yard
with Christmas lights and decorations.

The kids were enthralled.

It was truly magical!

And now December has arrived and we quickly slide right into
the Holiday Season... with Christmas right around the corner.
We hope to get our tree later today,
and then decorating will begin here in the farmhouse.


colleen said…
Looks like a wonderful time was had. Love seeing your get togethers and I'm glad you explained who was who. Your littles are growing so fast! Our little is 3 1/2 and a new little arriving in December... oh my, that's this month :)
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here at our place. My brother, sister and nephew came from down country along with another brother and of course the kids and grands. I usually fuss over everything and this year it was simplified and it was served from the kitchen... like you did. Everything went perfect. Feel so blessed to have had the health and family around!
Sorry I got so long winded... forgot it was your blog lol Take care xxxxx
Lynne said…
Now that looks like a celebration!
What fun . . .
I over heard my daughter’s family planning their “taco night” for Christmas Eve!
Truly, “the together” is the best!
daisy g said…
The houses all look spectacular!
Marsha said…
Looks like a wonderful holiday!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
what a great thanksgiving! the gingerbread house tradition is the best! if i EVER get a grandchild, i'm going to make gingerbread houses each year. we did that when my kids were small. i have a lot of people around here that happily would welcome a taco bar thanksgiving!
Awesome gingerbread house video!
Brilliant! You and hubbs are very blessed.
Dee J. Hartman said…
What a wonderful memory!
This N That said…
It doesn't have to be fancy or include a turkey to be perfect..xxoo