There's something truly magical about that first December snow!

And with it... all traces of Autumn are gone.

Peering out of the window just before dawn, 
when the whole world is bathed in blue,

and seeing snow, fills me with anticipation and reminds me 
of Decembers long ago.

A snow like we awoke to yesterday morning is the perfect kind - 
an early December snow before the ground has frozen, 
leaving just the vegetation covered in sparkly white frosting.

With nothing sticking to the roads, traveling around the farm is unaffected.

Our morning was spent with the farrier here trimming everyone's hoofs.
And of course, with the snow falling,
they all looked like unloved orphans.

We worked on the donkeys inside their run-in shed...

as they had informed me earlier in the morning that they had no intention
of venturing out into the snow.

By noontime, the white was gone... melted into the soil.

The afternoon's adventure was a trip northward
to a tree farm in the mountains...
in search of the perfect trees.

The mountains were still bathed in white,

and it was a breathtaking trip.

The tree farm was situated on top of a hill with 
a spectacular wintry view.

As it turns out, we didn't end up getting a tree at this farm.
They would not allow Hubbs to use his chainsaw,
and they would not help cut the tree down.
On top of all that, their saw was too dull to actually cut down the tree we had chosen.

All was not lost, though, we had enjoyed the scenery...
and ended up finding a tree much closer to home.

By the time the sun set,
our trees were placed in the living room and family room.
We'll be decorating them sometime this week.

I started knitting another warm, wooly sweater.
I love Nordic style sweaters with designs on the yoke.
This one is going to be lovely.
I'll have photos tomorrow as the design progresses.

Here is a leftover video from the past weekend.
You might remember that our Littles have a black lab/hound mix named Sam.
This is a video we have wanted to get for a couple of years...
his tongue is out of control!!


colleen said…
I love BHA at predawn. You show the perfection of everyday.
How nice, a pre-Christmas pedi!!
Will be waiting to see the trees decorated.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
so, that's where my snow ended up! a gorgeous tree! what kind of tree stand do you use? what a tongue!
Unknown said…
Thats the only snow I like....on the grass and not on the road. It's just perfect.
That is a crazy story about the tree farm, how do they expect to make any money?
Have a wonderful day. Lisa G in TN
"unloved orphans" -- LOL! a very expressive phrase!
Karla said…
I love the little bit of snow on your dog's nose! And the road to the tree farm really was breathtaking........I can't stop looking at it! We here in California got snow on the distant mountains. That's about as close as it gets but it sure makes it easy to get out to work in the morning :)
This N That said…
We didn't get any of that snow so I really enjoyed seeing your pictures..Your tree is beautiful..Perfect shape..
Sam was really moving for an old guy...
StrictlyMystic said…
Great job capturing Sam in all his glory!
Lynne said…
Fun video!
Sam’s tongue is huge . . .
Looked like a mitten! You
Lynne said…
Not sure how that extra ‘ you’ got in there!