Devilish Eggs, Cat, and Pigs

I don't know about you...
but I just love deviled eggs.
They are a farm favorite.

I recently learned why they are called deviled...
because, between you and me, there is nothing devilish about these eggs...
except for peeling the hardboiled eggs to make them!

They were named way back in the 1700's when spicy food was called "deviled."

Until recently, I had a love/hate relationship with making deviled eggs...
especially if using farm fresh eggs.
And of course, being the egg snob that I have become,
I would use nothing but farm fresh eggs... grown right here on the farm!
Truly fresh eggs are nearly impossible to peel without them looking like 
they went through a meat grinder.

After years of trying every technique
 (baking, boiling, poking holes, ice water bath, etc. etc. etc.)
 to get a fresh egg to peel easily,
Hubbs stumbled across an article in the New York Times.

According to the writer, steaming your eggs is the way to make them easy-to-peel.
You can read the article HERE if you like.

The long and the short of it is:
bring a pot of water to a boil, with a steamer basket in the bottom of the pot.
Once boiling, add the eggs to the basket and place a lid on the pot.
Steam a dozen eggs for 12 minutes, if the eggs were at room temp...
for 13 minutes if they were refrigerated.
(we remove the lid after the allotted time,
and allow the eggs to stand in the pot afterwards until they cool to room temp...
and then place them in the fridge.)

I am a true believer... we will forever steam our eggs!
Steaming them also makes for a much lovelier yolk...
none of that grey color around the outside.

It is amazing to me that we can go from barely having enough eggs for breakfast
one week,
to being inundated with fresh eggs the next.

We steam a lot of eggs and place them in the refrigerator.
They are great to grab for a quick snack,
and also make a good treat for the dogs.
They each get an egg every day as a special treat.
[I am whispering this so that your own dog won't hear 
and insist that they, too, get a daily egg treat!]

Our stray barn kitty was in the barn again yesterday.
She even came down out of the rafters.

She/He needed a name...
so I named it Grizzabella.
Grizz if it's a boy.
Bella, if a girl.

For the sake of simplicity, for now, I will assume it is a she.
She is quite a talker!

She grumbles and growls and warns me not to come close...
so I stand there and talk and talk and talk.
I tell her that she is a guest in my barn and that I am not leaving.
I assure her that she is safe there, that I will look out for her.
But, I am not leaving.
She is going to have to get used to me.

She continues to growl and grumble.

And my two sweet black kitties attest to the fact that I have a lot of patience.
"Someday we'll be friends," I tell her, with utmost confidence.
Some day.

Last evening we found her curled up in one of the cat beds under a heat lamp.
In the bed next to her was TomTom.

I think she's here to stay!
Moving on...
can you tell me what's wrong with this picture?

Yes, you're right... there is a pig on the wrong side of the fence.
Both Ginger and MaryAnn pushed their way through the sheep's gate yesterday morning.
I had placed the chain over the fence while I ran in to open the gate between the pigs
and sheep...and the pigs both seized the opportunity to make a run for it.

They're quite smart, you know.
They only went as far as the treat box... standing beneath it, waiting.

Of course they know that inevitably I will offer them a treat
in order to get them back in their yard.

Which I do... and of course, they oblige.

It's kind of a game we play.

(blurred picture = fast moving pig!)
AWOL for Ritz.

Have a great day!
I am driving to NYC for a Christmas adventure...
just a day trip with friends to see the wonderful decorations and enjoy the festive sights.
Hubbs is staying behind to care for the animals.
He's a good man.


colleen said…
I tried all the different ways you did to boil the fresh eggs to get them to peel. I steam them around 20 min, empty off the boiling water then add cold water to the pot to cool them down a bit so I can handle them and crack (roll) all around the eggs, then I drain and add cold water and ice. I let them stay in that until I get back to them...have never timed that part. (maybe 1/2 hr)
I absolutely love Grizz/Bella!!! It looks like you have another forever friend.
Michle said…
Please try the Dash egg cooker. I steamed fresh day old eggs in it and they peel like a dream. Best thing is that it is super inexpensive on Amazon
The JR said…
That kitty cat will be you friend fur sure one day. It knows a good home when it see's it.
Marsha said…
Love deviled eggs too! Have fun in the city.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i can't crack an egg in this house without the w's losing their minds. they think all eggs are theirs. i fry them eggs every single morning. i've steamed eggs and still have trouble peeling them. maybe i didn't stem them long enough. have a fun trip!
I'm glad Grizabella is safe, fed and warm!
Karen said…
I know you would think about this - but could your new kitty be sick? Our cats have made sounds like that when they are sick . . . growly type. Just wondering . . . *she is just darling by the way!
Anonymous said…
Grizzabella is one smart cat to choose her new home with you.
She/he looks alot like my Simba.
Heather said…
If you let fresh eggs age for 2 weeks, they peel perfectly. That's why store eggs always peel easily. Something about aging the albumen....
This N That said…
I swear by running them (eggs) under cold water after they are cooked.I start them in cool water...Shells come off easily..Yes, even farm fresh eggs...The grey is caused by over cooking or letting them cool in room temp..I know Bella will be tagging after you before long..Pretty cat..Hope you had a good day in NYC..I miss my trips there..xxoo
Cindy said…
I'll try steaming the eggs. After 25 years of having hens, you'd think i would know about that by now!!!