One thing that makes farm life unique is that every day is
just a string of little moments.
Because we move about and interact with so many souls,
there are so many little things to experience along the way.

We've noticed each early morning as we head to the barn -
our first stop being the pond, where we fill the ducks' feed bowl for the day-
that every morning of late there has been a Great Blue Heron standing on the side of the pond.

He always takes off as we approach the pond and glides
silently through the trees that line two sides of the pond, 
their long skeletal limbs reaching towards the moon.
The heron navigates with perfect precision as he twists and turns
amongst those spindly tree arms until he eventually reaches open air....
making no audible sound as he flaps his pterodactyl-like wings.

In the woods next to the driveway we find a tree that has been ravaged by a bear.

He's clawed most of the trunk, looking for insects to eat.

Looks like it's time to bring the bird feeders in at night,
or we will have a front porch visitor.

From here we head to the barn to tackle the long list of morning chores.
The horses have been spending their mornings in the upper pastures....

free from the confines of grazing muzzles 

now that Winter's cold has arrived.

By late morning they are tired and ready to return to the barn...

Meanwhile, elsewhere around the farm....
one of the new chickens has continued to lay a daily egg...
a little smaller than the others.

It's a start!
(I've turned the fire off beneath the stew pot!)

I just love fluffy chicken butts, don't you?

Yesterday was another grey day,
with hours best spent in the sewing room.
I was able to finish two bags with my new wool purchases,
and start two more.

(the green was my favorite...but it sold within the first hour)

Another waxed canvas and cork bag for the fox lover:

I am showing my handmade items in a small open house on Saturday morning
in my favorite little coffee shop/restaurant in a nearby town,
so I have been working hard to finish as many as I can.
I've also listed everything in my Etsy Shop as well.

Our Littles had their school pictures done,
and of course I have to share!

It's hard to believe that they are only 2 and 4... these pictures make them look so much older!

Grammie loves all of her Littles
 (and bigs... although I haven't gotten a picture from our Big, yet.)

I also wanted to show you a little info about our solar system.
This read-out is something we can access on a daily basis.
We are currently not making as much solar power as we did during the sunny 
summer days, but, even so...
yesterday, on a somewhat sunny day,
we saved 130 pounds (1.3 centum weight) of carbon dioxide gas
 from being released into the atmosphere
as a result of using solar power.

There are days when our usage exceeds our production,
(as bright sunny days are not the norm at this time of year)
but we have much solar power in the bank from Summer,
so we should end up way ahead of the game by the end of the year.
All in all, we are quite happy to have switched to all solar power.

And lastly, if you are looking for a good movie to watch,
may I suggest This Beautiful Fantastic.
You can find it on Amazon Prime.... it's worth watching.
I loved it!


This N That said…
Your description of the Great Blue Heron is a prime example of why you should keep blogging..You write beautifully..You have a lot of content in your blogs which is great..Think about dividing them in two from time to time..Save the second half for another day..Then you'd only have to write a post every other day..Who would know??The kids are growing up so fast!!You sold my favorite bag already!! Love it..Enjoy this beautiful day..xxoo
"I've turned the fire off beneath the stew pot!" -- hahahahahaha!
Barbee' said…
Delightful photos as usual!! Thank you.