A Mystery Solved

On occasion, I hear the question,
"Don't you ever sit down?"
Not often, and this is most likely why...

Actually, once the evening tuck-in chores are complete, my behind is comfortable tucked
either into a couch, or on top of our bed.
Here, I spend the rest of the evening stitching (or knitting) away...
catching up on favorite shows or movies.

I had a lovely day on Saturday at our local coffee/breakfast/lunch café.
I had a chance to connect with familiar faces, meet new people, and catch up with old friends.
And as if that weren't enough, I did happen to sell quite a lot of my 
handmade items.
This is the only one of the new wool bags that remains.

Looks like it's time to get back to work!
(But not this week... as I have to prepare for our Black Friday Family Thanksgiving.

The rest of the weekend was quiet.

Everyone behaved themselves.

It was a bit drizzly Saturday night and Sunday morning,

so by Sunday afternoon, when the equines were all dry,
I set about getting the mud out of their coats.

It's especially important at this time of year to brush all of the mud out of their coats.

Mud does not allow for the hair to have loft...
that airspace around the hair that helps to trap in their body heat.
A fuzzy pony is a warm pony!!

We've had a little mystery of late.
I have noticed that in this grassy area,
where Moonie crosses to get back to the barn...
that there have been daily deposits of some sort of scat.
I was almost entirely sure that it was not from our dogs, as they
are pretty particular and usually only do their business in, or at the edge of the woods.
(What good dogs!)
In order to solve this nighttime mystery, we placed a game camera by the big arena
and had it facing out into the yard.

A lot of traffic passed by the camera.

Most, I would have expected.

Some, I did not expect...

Yes, there he is... Ollie on the loose!
Note Ollie's punk rocker hairdo!

And finally, the mystery is solved.
Meet Munch.
(Apparently, Munch the Pooper!)

He is a dog from a neighboring farm.
Munch learned this summer not to come visiting when our dogs are out...
as they promptly ran him off the property.
(Munch looks fierce, but he is a sweetheart!)
So, instead, he makes his nightly rounds here on the farm way after the dogs
are back in the house... and leaves his calling cards behind!


daisy g said…
Congratulations on your success! I can't say I'm surprised. ;0D
kathy Leitzel said…
Aaawww!!!!! Love munch, he was one dog my mail route that I really grew attached to, and you are right, he looks fierce, but is really just a sweetheart!!!!!
Unknown said…
I can just hear Munch laughing as he leaves his calling card for your dogs. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week. Lisa G in TN
Lynne said…
Wise Dog . . . for a “poo in private!”
One thing that is wonderful about a visit to “Bee Haven Acres” is that there is a different tale for each day!

Great sales news . . . back to creating again!
Happy 🦃 Black Friday Thanksgiving . . .
Those are pretty fearsome looking grooming gloves!
This N That said…
I have a "munch" that lives next door..Always poops in my yard and her "Mother" doesn't care..They all have their favorite places to poop..Just wish it wasn't my yard..Glad your one house was a success..I'm surprised you didn't sell that last one..Pretty..Moonie is one handsome horse..Enjoy this beautiful day..xxoo
littlemancat said…
The mystery solved! And love the dogs on "their" easy chair!
I do have to say that--Munch--gave me a giggle--it is like he is saying to the 'other' doggies--see I can still come around when you are off duty and do my 'thing'!!!
luv Di and Happy Thanksgiving
Anonymous said…
First dog, on the chair was, "Yah! So?", scroll down and see 2nd dog and it got a snort-HA! The dogs have the look of "Yah! So?"
In our 23 yrs, of living at "The Back of Beyond", we learned: 1) carry a whistle and pepper spray, on our walks, 2) be able to identify the different animal's scat- bear scat has signs of berries. Cougar scat contains whistles and pepper spray. Good to solve the mystery of who was leaving the scat. LOVE Ollie's 'do'.