Time Traveling

Although our bodies traveled through six time zones,
it seems our internal clocks are still set for France.

We awoke before 3 AM yesterday morning... fully awake and ready to go.
I've learned in the past that it's no use trying to fight it -
eventually time gets sorted out and the body returns to normal...
just not immediately.

Instead, we got caught up on our favorite shows...
(yes, I am a huge This Is Us fan and find myself crying with every episode).

I started a new knitting project  ( ←link to pattern with photos).

It's one that I have been salivating over ever since it was published.
This will be my ongoing evening project now that days are shorter.

With the sun taking her time making an appearance,

we donned our headlamps and headed out to do morning chores before six.

We were greeted by four tiny sets of glowing eyes when we reached the barn...
the barn kitties demanding their breakfasts.

Bigger, glowing eyes watched us from the dry lot,
and I quickly opened the gate so that the horses could enjoy a breakfast of pasture grass.

It was still pitch-dark when we finished chores...
the horses and donkeys quietly, and somewhat blindly, munching grass in the front pasture.
The great thing is... we missed a heavy downpour by just 10 minutes.

By mid-morning, the rain stopped and the sun (who had not actually made an appearance)
was high above the horizon filling the land with what light
could penetrate the thick, grey clouds.

I stopped to let the runner ducks out of their yard...
giving them the safety of daylight for their foraging.
As the gate swung open, the older 5 emerged first

followed by the younger seven.

In just a few seconds, they were one big, bug-hunting family.

Meanwhile, in the front pasture, seven soggy equines were quietly grazing.

They quickly came into the dry lot when they realized I was getting their breakfast chow ready.

Miss Scarlet had obviously gotten into something nasty...

and I spent a good 15 minutes picking the burrs from her forelock.

I would have expected that kind of trick out of our boys...
but not from our sure-headed girl!

I couldn't help but notice in the light of day that our two Beatrixes...
those two black kitties who are now a year old,
have (almost overnight) grown into full-grown cats.

Although their tiny little "Mews" have not caught up with their bodies!

There is nothing like the rhythm of farm life to correct any internal clock malfunctions.
By nightfall we were exhausted and ready to sleep!

Ok... since some have asked... I will continue on with some more of our
travel adventure... but you will have to go HERE for the rest of the story. (LINK)
I will post a new link each day with the continuing story for you to read if you'd like.


daisy g said…
As fabulous as France was, I'm sure it feels good to get back into your routine with all of your charges.
Lynne said…
Getting ones body back on Home Time Zone does take some time.
Yum on your knitting project . . .
What an inspiration you are.
Happy days with the farm kiddos . . . bet they are enjoying your return!
Susan said…
Thanks for sharing your trip and life on the farm. Love the new knitting project!
I hate how dark it's getting. While I love the fall, I don't love the lack of light.
Rain said…
Great post with all of the critters! Dark mornings are so peaceful!
This N That said…
Your new project is beautiful..great colors!!You are robbing your animals of their sleep..It's not their fault that you don't know what time it is..LOLI'm sure no one minded getting fed a little earlier..Those burrs look nasty....Have a fun day..!!xxox
nuri said…
A double treat, how wonderful! Your photography, whether of the farm or of your travels, is just so beautiful. Thank you for all you write and share!