Our Weekend

Our weekend was the perfect blend of busy and slow.
And the weather was as varied as our activities.

Saturday was a cloudy day... with rain threatening.
By Sunday morning, it was a deluge... just in time for morning chores!

We went out in the dark, as usual... but, this time with torrential rain.

The barn gutters were overflowing, so Hubbs climbed a ladder 
and cleaned out the fallen leaves.
(He's such a trooper... soaking wet!)

Farm breakfast was at Dr. Becky's this week,
and when we arrived home from that we were treated to a visit from our Littles.

In anticipation, I had baked a batch of cookies on Saturday night.
Tyler had been in the area for a soccer tournament this weekend.
We watched one of his games on Saturday...

Then on Sunday, because they had a little extra time before the next 
tournament game was to start, Tyler and his Mom joined us for lunch.
I had slow-cooked carnitas and then caramelized the meat in a cast iron skillet...
for tacos.

Luckily, with the Grands arrival... came the sun's arrival,
so we spent a bit of time riding the GoGo and exploring the farm and woods.

Mack and I worked on grooming the miniature horses

and she learned to hand graze them as well.

She loves to give hay to the horses.

 By the time we had returned to the house from our adventures,
my camera was loaded with photos taken by a four year old....

It just so happened to be that day (each autumn) when the ladybugs come out of the woods
and crawl all over the barn.
Thanks to a four year old commandeering my camera... I have about 85 photos of them!

By the end of the weekend, we had had two dinners out with friends,
enjoyed our Grands,
spent quiet time on the farm,
did a little sewing,
and enjoyed every minute of the weekend from start to finish!

It's going to be a warm-ish week on the farm...
I'm looking forward to doing a little outside work.
Perhaps the donkeys and I will do a little hiking as well.

I hope to be posting several new items to my Etsy marketplace by the end of the week.
I've been very busy.


Ha ha, you can never have too many photos of ladybugs!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i guess she really likes ladybugs! i'm going to try to get lots done outside this week while it is still warm. we had the best fall weekend!
Unknown said…
Those are Asian Lady Beetles and they have infested the south at epidemic proportions. They love to make their way in to our log home and show up by the 1000's around Halloween. They actually can bite and if you touch them they let out a smelly yellow powder. They also emit the powder when they die. They were imported and have no natural enemies. In the past we vacuumed them up for months but last year we reluctanly used an exterior pesticide because they started arriving by the 10,000's. Hope they do not reach that level in your area they are horrible....and you don't want anyone to touch them, especially the littles. Lisa G in TN.
Lynne said…
Wow, not pleasant news above about the Lady Bugs.
Love your littles and their help!
This N That said…
We had a little bit of everything weather wise..I walked Mollie over a half an hour in the torrential downpour..The water runs down my parka and in to my boots...I don't know what to do about that..Mollie doesn't mind being out in the rain in her little rain coat..We were soaked and stripped in the garage..not the first time.Sounds like you got a lot done over the weekend with a good variety of activity..Love the lady bugs..It's a good thing we don't use film anymore..LOL