It's The Most...

Wonderful Time of The Year!!
I find myself singing that Christmas tune, but applying it to Autumn.

Yesterday was a most spectacular day out.
What originally was predicted to be a rainy day,
turned out crystal-clear, blue-skied, and perfect.

Morning chores continue to be done in the dark.

Yesterday the pigs had a couple visitors while they ate their breakfast...
the sheep finishing off the pigs' hay from the prior night.

The garden has just a few things still producing...

hot peppers top the list.

I harvested a lot of them yesterday and will make hot sauce
with the lot.
I fear that I will have one more harvest after this.

"Fear".... because I have made every conceivable hot pepper condiment that I 
can think of already this year.
If we find out that hot peppers are the key to a long life...
we should be good for another 50 years!

Kale and chard are still growing nicely.
Kale seems to find its way into almost everything I make these days.

I steamed a pumpkin from the garden 

and plan to make a Pumpkin Buckle in the style of my Blueberry Buckle.

If it is a success, I will share the recipe with you.
I so look forward to all things pumpkin at this time of year, don't you?

I am back to riding my bike again.

There's nothing better than riding over crunchy leaves
with the sound of rustling dry corn stalks awaiting the harvest.

The road sides are colored with goldenrod and white and purple asters.
It's magical  how the land changes by the day.

While out doing afternoon chores yesterday,
this made my heart melt...

These pigs... the sweetest animals ever... and Sammie.... precious!

The dogs and I spent quite a bit of time just hanging with the pigs.

They are so responsive to touch and talk... so extraordinarily social.

I try to not have favorites... but these girls...
The journey continues....


Marsha said…
Sammy and the pigs is so cute!
Lynne said…
Fresh pumpkin is the REAL PUMPKIN . . .
I just read, Libby, in the can, is not even pumpkin . . .

Oh my, two gorgeous October days in a row . . . here . . . blue sky all the way to Pennsylvania . . .
Number three promised for today!
Most beautiful for sure!
Enjoy Autumn while it lasts! It always seems so fleeting in comparison to the other seasons, I don't know why.
Fall always reminds me change can be good and beautiful.
This N That said…
So the pigs had an open house. That’s hysterical! Yes, this is the best time of year. Wish it lasted longer. From the sounds of the weather in the rest of the country, it could be short-lived. Sammy lying with the pigs ....wonderful
Dee J. Hartman said…
Yes, this is a wonderful time of the year, with all the beauty of colors splashing on the hillsides...The only thing I don't like is the idea that it is a prerequisite for winter weather.,,that frigid cold...I really do mind the freezing temperatures of winter!