Fuzzy Coats, Curly Tails, and Other October Delights

There is nothing like a bright, sunshine-y, autumn day to fill the soul
and lift the spirits.

I am banking these beautiful autumn days and filling myself with as much sunshine
and fresh air as is possible.

It's hard to ignore the signs that winter is approaching.
What was once a rainbow of color is now just brown and dry skeletal remains.

And though we have beautiful sunny days in winter, as well,
it's hard to soak it into your skin when you are covered with layer upon layer of warmth.

With the shortening days, 
the horses have all begun to grow their winter coats.
It always amazes me how fast they morph from sleek summer coats

to wooly winter jammies.

For some reason, their wooly coats remind me of fleece pajamas
(with feet!)

The ducks have adapted to the change in the length of their days
and make their way back into their yards by late afternoon.

This is one well-trained flock of ducks.
They are now a single flock...
young intermixed with old....
traveling the farm as if of one single mind.

Their comical to watch as they march in procession.
Suddenly, as if an alarm goes off, they all run, quacking, in one mass to their next location.
They move as one organism...
darting here and there in unison...
running as though their pants were down around their ankles
and tripping as though they were as well.

I always wonder what signals they give to each other.
How do they decide when it's time to take off in a run?
Who decides it's time to go home?
It's a mystery.
Perhaps I will have to spend a little time studying these comical creatures.

I've mentioned before that males have a curly duck tail...

and females do not.

I thought you might like to see an example.
Don't tell the ducks that I was taking photos of their behinds, ok?

The garden, though still carpeted with lovely green grass
(perfect for napping)

is now sparsely populated with only kale-

and chard-

the few peppers that I did not harvest are shriveled from the frost.

It was a good garden summer...
plentiful sunshine, adequate rainfall.

I am a believer that there is a season for everything...
and now, it's time for rest...and to enjoy the fruits of summer's labor that we put up for
winter consumption.
I still have to harvest the filaments from the saffron crocus.
(more on that later)

After that, we will just enjoy what remains of the crunchy month of October....

pumpkins, colorful leaves, and black cats.

PS....thanks for all of the support you have given my Etsy shop!!
I have many more projects on the cutting table.
And even more swirling around in my little guinea brain!


colleen said…
I love those runners and yes you should try to figure them out :)
This N That said…
Love the fleece jammies reference..perfect!! I love their fluffy look..The Runners are so comical! You have the perfect Halloween cats..Love this season!!
This can be a very beautiful time of year. Sunny but crisp days!