To Ithaca And Back

The weekend took us to Ithaca, New York,
for the wedding of our friends' son.
(His parents are our close friends and often our traveling companions.)

The bride and groom, both graduates of Cornell,
are truly special young people who are going to spread a wave 
of positivity wherever they go in this life!

The wedding was truly a joyous celebration of friends and family...

held at a lovely farm venue...

complete with chickens!!

There is nothing like crowing roosters to provide the perfect wedding backdrop!

Cornell University has a spectacularly beautiful campus.
We spent the few free hours that we had before the ceremony
strolling the campus botanic gardens.

Knowing that Summer's colors are soon to fade,
I snapped a few photos... also as a reminder of plants 
that I would love to add to my own gardens.

This was a tree whose center was cut out and a bell was hung inside.
The tree continues to grow seemingly unaffected.

I loved this metal sculpture.

I took the opportunity to absorb all of the color that I could...
knowing that soon our world will transition away from color.

We came upon a few critters who were willing to pose...

I fell in love with this flower and will be searching for my own specimen.

Isn't this vine magnificent?

It was a fun weekend... a beautiful weekend... a sentimental weekend.
And at the end of it all...
so good to return home to all that we love!

PS... I may have bought myself a hat this weekend.
Sometimes this crazy thing comes over me and I just have to have a hat.
Truth be told, I LOVE hats!!  Many hats don't love me,
so when I find one that looks decent... it tends to follow me home.


colleen said…
I can only imagine how beautiful the wedding was and a farm wedding to boot.
The photos of the botanic gardens are just spectacular. You sure know how to capture all the different colors. The bell in the tree is very unique.
Sure don't want to close without mentioning your hat..... I can see why it was a keeper!! Thanks for taking us along on your weekend. xoxo
jaz@octoberfarm said…
ha! that wisteria is wonderful as long as it is growing on someone else's structure! could that flower be some sort of hydrangea? the wedding must have been so special. might be over for us this year!!!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE hats, too. The world needs more hats!
Karen said…
I love the table settings of this wedding - simple and beautiful. The whole setting is gorgeous!

Cornell University is stunning. They also have wonderful bird cams on The Cornell Lab of Ornithology website.


*I'm a hat person also - more people should wear them:)

Jody in Georgia said…
I think the blue flowers look like the lace cap hydrangeas I used to have planted in my front yard. Love, love, loved the look very natty!
This N That said…
The wedding looks perfect. Wonderful venue and weather and of course the perfect couple. I wish them all the best and years of happiness. Cornell does have a beautiful campus but I haven’t been there since the 60s and I’m sure it has changed quite a bit. They have a wonderful ornithology website. I love the lace cap hydrangeas. I think I still have one. Have a good week. It’s still summer.