Just A Day

Yesterday's nonsense was certainly fun.
I have to tell you...
it was all Hubbs' idea.
He suggested I write a post about what the animals would do if they had
access to the internet.
And I took it from there.
It was fun to imagine them surfing the web and finding the things that would interest
each of them.
I'm glad you enjoyed our silliness!

For us, yesterday brought back a bit of summer.
It was hot and muggy...
a reminder of that which I was so happy to bid farewell.

We've come to the time of year when the garden is beginning to be 
wild and wooly.

Autumn weeds are the most tenacious and tend to grow
enormous quickly.

Morning glories have wound their way over just about every inch of the garden fence.
Every summer they keep multiplying...
bursting forth from seed shed by the previous year's blossoms.

I've been weeding the garden boxes and beginning to get them ready for winter.
Soon I will tuck them all in under a blanket of compost
for their long nap.
In the mean time, though, we continue to deal with tomatoes and peppers.
Sweet potato vines are robust, but as soon as they begin to wither
I will be harvesting the sweet potatoes and storing them for the winter.
I bury them in Rubbermaid totes filled with wood shavings
and they last all winter like that.

In spite of the heat, I took my bike out for a long ride yesterday.
I needed to visit a local farm to buy some meat,
and since I now have a basket on my bike,
I could save gas and get some exercise all at the same time.

The farms along the way were all a flurry of activity.

It's harvesting time and farmers are starting to bring in their corn.

The soy is turning yellow, and will soon be harvested as well.

This is a beautiful part of the world and I feel so lucky to live where I do.
I couldn't help but notice as I rode, how most folk in this area
take great care in creating their own little slice of heaven...
as if they, too, feel the same sense of gratitude in living in the midst of such beauty.

Though the air was hot, a breeze kept me cool
as I pedaled past farm after farm.
The last of summer's butterflies floated in the air at the edge of the fields
and dry leaves crunched beneath my tires.

I reached my destination... the cutest little store 

with a great selection of pastured meats... all grown there on their farm.

The rest of my day was filled with finishing up the week's mowing,
as well as doing a little sewing.

As with every day, it ends with a trip to the barn.
We change all of the waterers, feed all of the animals,
and tuck all of the birds in their houses for the night.
Lately, for some unknown reason, Tom has taken to roosting on the gazebo.

Meanwhile, Fred hangs out under the maple tree at the back of the barn where
the guineas roost.

By the time we walk Fred from the barn towards the gazebo,
Tom jumps down and decides to join us for the rest of the walk
back to their house.
We say goodnight, and close their gate... contented that everyone is safe for the night.

The day was full of activity and sleep comes easy.
I love this life... and as I close my eyes for the night
I am overwhelmed with gratitude.


Colleen said…
I always find so much to be grateful for and BHA is on that list. Even if one doesn't have things on a grand scale, all you have to do is look around. Xoxoxo
jaz@octoberfarm said…
the heat and humidity is back here as well and i am not happy. plus, it looks like it is staying for a while. do you have many pumpkins growing?
I live in a small rural town and drive less than a mile to the corn and bean fields. I love it. And we are grateful for you and your blog to point it out to us when we forget how very blessed we are.
First of all let me say I LOVE YOUR BLOG and read all of your posts, Bev. Hubby & I too have our own little slice of Heaven on our 29-acres in the country of west Michigan. We love it. Thank you for writing such a beautiful blog.
This N That said…
I could never ride a bicycle in this heat..especially the humidity..I am a bit envious but realized those days were over years ago..It must be nice to see the countryside in that manner...It's nice to be able to get farm fresh meats..There are several places here that we can do so as well...I hope you are enjoying your week.xxoo