Enjoying The Last of Summer's Gifts

This week's beautiful weather has given us the perfect opportunity
for enjoying the last of summer.

The garden is still lush and colorful...
as it will stay until the first frost finishes it off.

It's quiet, now, though...
a stillness has replaced the activity of weeks ago.

Where once there were butterflies and birds swooping in and out,
There is now just the occasional bee buzzing the zinnias,

or a grasshopper leaping up to nibble on greenery.

It's a beautiful afternoon, with a clear blue sky.
The sun is warm, but the air is cool.
I lie in the grass of the goat yard watching the goats.

They are curious as to my purpose there,

and a couple of them come close and smell my shoes.

Then back they go to the business of basking in the sun.

I often wonder whether the animals notice the subtle changes around them.

Do they notice that the bluebirds and orioles no longer sing?
Do they miss the sight of colorful butterflies?
Do they enjoy the cooler nights?

I'd like to think that they are even more aware of their world than we are.
Perhaps though, like many people, they don't even think about it.
Or maybe they just see what is,
without thinking of what was, or what could be.

I harvested a 3 gallon bucket full of hot peppers...
I'll be crying, sneezing, and quite possibly peeing myself,
as I clean all of those hot peppers, chop them and turn them into relish.
It's definitely a labor of love!


daisy g said…
One of the things I most admire about animals is their ability to be in the moment. It's something that I'd like to be better at.

My word, you really are a dedicated preserver to go through all of that!
Have fun with those peppers!
Marcia LaRue said…
Put in a supply of panty liners ... LOL
The end product is worth the discomfort! ❤
This N That said…
At the rate we’re going it’ll be a long time before we have frost so enjoy Summers last blush. Not so much those peppers....😮😭
jaz@octoberfarm said…
peppers have never made me pee but i would be extra careful to be very careful with the wiping part. and the rubbing your eyes part!
Rain said…
Oh be careful with the peppers!! The photos of the goats are so nice!
Look at that happy puppy in the sun.