Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Bug Patrol

Every morning, the runner ducks emerge
(running as fast as their little legs can go... with a little help from their wings)
with only two things on their agenda.

1.  Eat bugs.
2.  Avoid Danger

Their entire day is dedicated to those tasks,
and they take their job very seriously.
In and out of the garden they go.
I only wish I could put a pedometer on these ducks....
I'd love to see how many miles they log in a day!

All of this is great for me, as I am the beneficiary of all this 
insect-consuming behavior.
I seriously think that my garden is happier because of the ducks.

I stopped by the garden, yesterday, (before the rain came) for my daily harvesting.
It's been an amazing garden this year.
And though I would love to take the credit,
I know that it has more to do with the weather conditions.

We've had the sunniest summer ever!
Except yesterday... the sun didn't shine.

I grabbed a few ripe peppers...

and decided it was time to pull some carrots.

The tomatoes are out of control...
I harvested 50 pounds yesterday...

and then spent a little time roasting and packaging them for the freezer.
(in re-usable silicone bags)

Yesterday was the last day for picking blueberries.
I picked my last pint.
We've had 6 weeks of blueberry picking this year... the best year ever!

Of course, I always have friends...

and my shadow...
(number 1 Grand-dog)

oh, that tongue!

Although I have never been a huge fan of gazpacho,
I decided to make a batch yesterday because I had every one of the 
necessary ingredients in the garden.

And I have got to say... this is the best gazpacho I have ever had.
It is rich and complex... a festival of flavors in one's mouth!
Seriously... try it!
I could eat this every day... that's how good I think it is.

I also spent a little time in my sewing room...
constructing another waxed canvas bag... this time in waxed denim.

These bags are 12 inches by 12 inches and stand upright on their own, 
as they are built with a rigid flat bottom.
They are extremely sturdy (like leather) and have
both leather handles and an adjustable leather strap that can be used for
a shoulder strap or a cross-body strap.
They are fully lined with high quality cotton fabric in whimsical prints.

I use the first one that I made (the green one) as my every day purse.
I'll never buy another "fast fashion" purse ever.
I am planning on putting these up for sale after I have a few more completed.
To answer a question from yesterday's comments...
I don't take credit cards.... it costs too much to do so.
I do accept PayPal and personal check, however.


Marsha said...

Your garden looks so good this year! And yes I am going to try the gazpacho!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's bumper crop time!

Susan said...

Love the bags and will definately purchase one via PayPal. Please let me know when available.

I also love and appreciate your blog. It is my morning highlight before starting the day. I always feel peace, love, and happiness coming here. It's a beautiful respite from todays world. It is easy to see your love for all the furry ones. Thank you for posting, it really means a lot to me.

littlemancat said...

The gazpacho does look delicious! Summer in a soup bowl, for sure. Also love homemade tomato soup. Now I want to make some!
Yea to the runner duck bug brigade!

This N That said...

So that's where my green purse went..Do you have materials to make another???I'll pay you, of course..Glad you got more rain yesterday..Misty here all day..I think we got a little real rain during the night..I need to get some Runners for around here...Sooo many bugs..Enjoy your day...

This N That said...

PS..I must get a tomato or two..I have missed summer tomatoes..Usually everyone is trying to get rid of them..not so this year..xxoo

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love those runner ducks and also the beautiful zinnias!


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