"Summertime.... and the living is easy."

I'd like to say it was the pause that refreshed,
but the past three days were a whirlwind of busy.
Tuesday was a memorial picnic for Jack's father.
It was held on his birthday, in Pittsburgh.
It was great to see extended family whom we hadn't seen
in quite some time,
but it also was a sad farewell to a truly great man.

I spent Monday baking 85 cupcakes for the picnic.

Tuesday we drove 4 hours to Pittsburg, and then at the end of the day,
drove home again.
It was a long day...but, so worth it.

Yesterday we settled back into farm life again.
It seems that Summer has actually arrived and brought with her some heat.
Yesterday, though quite warm, was spectacular.

I spent the cool morning hours making 70 flatbread pizza crusts
for the upcoming 4th of July picnic.
Our picnics always include a "make-your-own" pizza station
to bake in our outdoor wood-fired pizza oven.

Most everyone is active now during the mornings and nighttime.
The afternoons are too hot for activity... perfect for napping (the animals)
and knitting (me).
Hubbs prefers to use the hottest part of the day for a bike ride (not me).

Our little chicklets, now two weeks old,
have doubled in size.

They are quite shy and will most likely stay that way.
Luckily, they are in the house that will be their permanent home-base,
so shyness is not a problem.

Blueberry season has arrived and our bushes are loaded with fruit.

I picked our first two rows (the earlier berries) for the first time and
this was my haul:

They will go into the freezer for later use.

It's truly a glorious time of year.
Everything is blossoming and the countryside is awash in color.

Not only are flowerbeds blooming,
but also the land itself.
Wild roses are blooming on the rock wall across from our driveway,

and they are beautiful!

The roadsides are filled with daisies, day lilies, and chicory. 
Soon, Black-eyed Susans will join the colorful display.
I hope to do a garden tour in the next few days, as things are looking
wonderful there, as well.
The zinnias have burst into bloom...
their happy faces are bright against the lush greenery.

I am enjoying every moment of this beautiful time of year...
with its abundance to nourish both the body and the soul.


colleen said…
Welcome back. Those cupcakes look sooo scrumptious. Sounds like you had a few busy days and sounds like it was bitter sweet. Blueberries, flatbread pizza crusts, beautiful flowers and knitting thrown into the is good at BHA. XXXX
Seems like you're doing your fair share of big-batch baking right now! 85 cupcakes!
Leslye said…
Thank you for your tips on pruning.I always get a little nervous pruning,afraid I might do it wrong, but I figured if your granddaughter could do it so could I.Looking forward to a tour of your garden.
This N That said…
Did you get any of the cupcakes..You probably didn't want to see another cupcake..Those DIY pizzas are always great..It is indeed a pretty time of year...Stay cool...Hugs
The only thing better than freshly picked blueberries is perhaps those delicious cupcakes that you made! It's nice that you were able to draw on the love and comfort that comes with being with family as you recall, with fondness, a loved one who is no longer with you.