Wednesday, June 12, 2019


Spectacular, breathtaking, awe-inspiring...
that is what yesterday was.
As the morning sun warmed our chilly land,
and the donkeys

and horses peacefully grazed...
(at opposite ends of the front pasture.)

I spent a few hours weeding in the vegetable garden,
and it was like being in my own personal heaven.

The air had been washed clean from the previous day's rains,
and there was a faint scent of honeysuckle drifting on a gentle breeze.
Overhead, our neighborhood bald eagle soared, searching for his breakfast.
The ducks were happily hunting bugs...

adding their chortles and quacks to the symphony of birdsong.
The bluest sky held tiny cottontail clouds as the sun rose higher and higher.

It was a moment to which I fiercely clung, using every sense to commit it to memory.

 Amazingly, this spring we have very few gnats.
Last summer they made gardening a nightmare.
It almost feels as though this spring is just a little too perfect.

I made a little video while I weeded:

You can find it here, if need be.

"Hey, you have visitors," Hubbs called as I weeded.
I looked over my shoulder to see the runner ducks waddling down the garden aisle.

"Move along, kids!" I said as I ushered them out of the gate.

They were just a little too interested in what was growing alongside the fence:

It won't be long until these red raspberries are ready to pick,
and I'd prefer to not feed them to the ducks!

To Becca from Eleven Mile Farm:
You are absolutely right about the twine... I did a little internet research
and could find no information, however, a call to the farmer who baled our hay
revealed that indeed something is used to deter the mice.
What that particular chemical is.... is no known.
Needless to say, I have replaced my baling twine with a garden velcro.
Thanks for the heads-up!!


Louise Stopford said...

Delightful video Bev. What a beautiful morning you had. Please can you send some sunshine over to Cheshire, UK. Cold and raining here - doesn't feel like June. I wonder what the chemical is used by the farmer to deter mice. I use an outside cleaning fluid called Jeyes - don't know if you can get it over in US, but I put it down mice holes to deter mice from around the chicken coop area and the perimeter (where the chickens don't go). Touch wood, so far, it has worked a treat. We used to be quite overrun with mice at one point, but i haven't seen any recently (fingers crossed it stays that way). P.S. Don't forget the sunshine please!!

daisy g said...

Looks like a spectacular spring day! Hope you have many, many more.

Marsha said...

What a beautiful day!!!

Karen Ann said...

My husband I were just talking about the bugs this morning at breakfast - so very few flies at the barn, and not as many of those pesky mayflies. Mosquitos too... weird! The ticks, however, are horrible.

I just discovered Cedarcide - sold on Amazon - an all natural tick and flea repellent for people and dogs - I spray it right on my dogs and my feet when out walking the fields or woods and it truly works! non toxic, it's a beautiful thing.

Patsy from Illinois said...

Love the video, Mrs. Rogers. Lol. The runner ducks are fascinating to me. I didn't know they existed until you introduced us to them. They don't fly at all? I haven't noticed as many bugs here this year either. Maybe they will show up later on unfortunately. We usually have a lot of wasps in this area and so far only a few are here this year.

This N That said...

The weather these past several weeks has indeed been spectacular...wish it would last..We have gnats and mosquitoes as always.Lovely video...You have company wherever you are!!Hugs

Denny144 said...

At the community garden where I volunteer, we cut up old pillowcases into strips to tie up veggies. The more colorful, the better. Some people may think that’s messy looking, but we like the look of it.


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