Friday, June 14, 2019

Filling A Rainy Day

After our bi-monthly visit from the farrier,
yesterday morning,
most of us spent the rest of the day tending to inside activities.

The horses, though soggy from the day's rain,

behaved themselves whilst getting feet trimmed.

All, that is, except for this little lad,

whose back feet kept rising off the ground in the direction of the farrier.
Yup... ears back, back feet up!

Thank goodness he is so pint-sized...
or he might have been sent to the glue factory long ago ( just kiddddiiinnnggg!)
But seriously, for as tiny as he is,
his attitude is the opposite.
Some mornings he just gets up on the wrong side of the bed,
and I suppose yesterday was one such morning.
It may have been the fact that the herd didn't get to go out grazing,
as is their normal morning routine.

Once the farrier finished, though, everyone had ample time out in the field
for cavorting and grazing... muzzle-free for a few hours.

I busied myself baking THIS RECIPE of biscotti -

 a double batch.

Later in the afternoon I made the rounds of our local antique and re-sale shops,
looking for vintage Corelle Ware to stock my picnic basket.
It seemed, when I was young, that everyone had Corelle Ware.
It lasts and lasts.
I now have enough mis-matched plates for a picnic of 45 persons, 
at not much more than the price of throw-aways.

A few weeks ago I scored a big box of stainless flatware at a re-sale shop.

The plate and flatware will be our new picnic-ware,
so we will never again have to buy any throw-aways.
We are having a big 4th of July picnic this year, so these will all be put to good use.

While milling through antique shops, I happened upon this old
play desk, which, of course, I could not resist.

Our littles will have a blast sitting here and coloring or drawing with chalk.
I cleaned it up, re-stained the wood, and will give the chalkboard
a fresh coat of chalkboard paint, retaining the original lettering around the edge.
I remember these little desks from when I was little,
The chalkboard is interchangeable with a peg board housed inside the desk.
(no pegs, so, we'll skip that part)

I also did a little greenhouse clean-up.
Since no plants are growing inside at the present time,
I decided to gussy it up a little for the summer.

As I walked the turkeys back to their house for the night,

the clouds moved on to the east, and blue sky emerged again.
It looks like Friday is going to be another beautiful day.

As you can see, I am never at a loss for what to do!!
We'll be back Monday with more "tails" from the farm.
Have a great weekend!!

 PS: Last summer's roses have started to bloom!



colleen said...

The top plate in the basket is the only set of dishes I remember us having when I was growing up. I see Corelle Ware quite a bit in our thrift shops and never thought I needed any until now :) What a great idea for cookouts. I wouldn't need nearly as many as you, though. What will you use for glasses?
Your rain has come our way so today just might be a good sewing day for me.
Have a great weekend.

daisy g said...

I think it's brilliant having an extra set of dishes just for pick-a-nicks (as Yogi would say).

Love what you did with the greenhouse! What a great getaway!

We woke up to 54 degrees this morning! Wow, is summer really a week away?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

My regular dishes are still Corelle! It's great.

LaRue said...

Yup ... that green trimmed plate is what I still use, as well. Got my set of Corelief with green stamps in the '60s.

LaRue said...

Ugh ... autocorrect is such a pain!
Corelle ... sheesh!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i was so tempted to do something along this line for memorial day but i am seriously out of storage room. i'm trying to downsize but the upsizing keeps winning! i can't wait to see what you do for the 4th! btw...i saw that pumpkin in your greenhouse!!!

This N That said...

Baaad Ollie..He's a devil..Your Biscotti looks great..Good idea for your picnics..If you need more Corelle, I good check out the place on Trindle Rd for you.. The desk is so cute..The kids will just love it..Too bad only one can sit at a time..Maybe a little stool could be pulled up??Have a wonderful weekend..

This N That said...

PS...Your beenhouse looks beautiful in it's off season..Pretty roses..hugs

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Biscotti and like the others, I am using Corelle every day.

Lindy said...

Gotta love those roses. Your photography is beautiful!


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