Yesterday was one of those days when the weather changed every 10 minutes...
making for a difficult day to get too heavily involved in outside work.
(We were under a severe weather/tornado watch for much of the day.)

I did manage to get the pasture cleaned between showers.

The equines had just come in from the front pasture,

so I wanted to clean up the day's manure.

While I was out, I opened the pig and sheep gate so that they could then
spend the rest of the day in the clean pasture.
(you wouldn't believe how much pig manure I find in the pasture...
and yes, I clean that up as well!)

While I was out in the pasture, I couldn't help but notice these two crazy guineas.
They were chasing each other at top speed.

If you have never seen a guinea run at top speed, you are definitely missing something.

They are fast!

Super fast!
This went on for at least a half hour.
How they don't collapse in exhaustion is beyond me!

The horses seem to have finished their spring shedding
and are pretty sleek now.

I am really happy with their weights... everyone is healthy looking.
Our weight management program has been a great success,
thanks to the addition of our Greenguard grazing muzzles.
(and no, this is not a paid endorsement... just my opinion)

Thanks to the intermittent showers, garden watering has been off our chores list.

Everything is filling in nicely.

Have I mentioned that I love spring?

Yesterday you asked if I made the top I had on in Monday's video.  

You also asked if I compost the weeds that I pull.  
Yes... but not in our regular compost pile.

We have a weed pile at the edge of the woods for that.

And lastly, you asked how I keep our wisteria so manicured without
ground suckers.
We prune it often.

As for ground suckers... I just realized that we do get them.
Most of them just get mowed off and are un-noticeable.
Apparently, not all of them, though!


This is my 2,814th blog post...
after 13 years of journaling this journey.
That just seems incredible to me.
Blogging has become as much a part of my day as eating and sleeping, it seems.

Why do I blog?
First and foremost because I love to write.
The benefit of that is having the ability, at the end of the day, to look back
at all the day held and feel deep gratitude for the day.
Knowing that I will share my day keeps me present in the day...
helping me to really live it to the fullest.

Secondly, I have enjoyed the positive reinforcement of your comments.
It's fun to share when you have someone to share with.
For this, I thank you!

Because we live as rural as we do, and have less social outlets than in the past,
I look forward to all that you write in response to what I have written.
For me, it becomes a conversation.
Thanks for being a willing participant!

Lately, I have enjoyed exploring the world of video production.
I hope I have improved over time...
and I hope to continue to improve.
It's a learning experience.
Just recently, I found out that the videos don't publish on my blog
if you receive it by mail...
so I have started to add a link so that you can get to the video.
Hopefully it is worth it to you to check it out.

With all of the above in mind...
I had an idea.
I thought it might be fun to have a video question and answer session.
If you are interested and feel, too, that it might be fun...
please leave your questions in the comment section of this blog...
or on Facebook, or Instagram...
or private message me or email me.
I will compile a list of questions and then sit down with Hubbs in front of the video...
and we will answer them together.


Louise Stopford said…
Always love your writings Bev =- it's such an enjoyable daily routine that I SO much look forward to. Your videos are just amazing and gives us a real insight into your farm life. Look forward to many more of your wonderful videos.
colleen said…
2,814 and I have watched many of those and can't thank you enough for all the enjoyment they have brought to me. As I was weeding my flowers yesterday I was reflecting on BHA and how you make the most of every day.
Makes me happy to see you wearing the outfits you've made.
I think a question and answer session would be great!! As far as a question I would ask, let me think...…

jaz@octoberfarm said…
i once had a flock of guineas run Teddy off of a farm we were visiting. Not only do they move fast, they can be quite aggressive. She was a mean dog and she got back in the car and left the guineas alone. i was thinking of you yesterday when the tornado warnings were out. it looks like they moved south of you? we have more storms on the way today and had lots of flooding after yesterdays. 2814....and i've enjoyed every one of them!
daisy g said…
That Moonbeam just sets my heart to fluttering...he is so very handsome.

What a great idea! I'd love to see more videos. I know you do Instagram as well and since I don't, I am grateful that you keep posting here.
One question I have is how you came to find your property. Did you grow up in PA? How did you select the area? What was the process in realizing that this was your forever farm? This was one of our biggest challenges when we relocated to NC, and I just wonder how others figure that out. TIA
I would love to see a video Q&A. I have a question and I am sure I will have more later. Lol. How do you keep fleas and ticks off your dogs?
littlemancat said…
Yes to the idea of video Q & A! The more the merrier with the farm videos - love them all and enjoy the accompanying music.
I wonder what had the guineas on the run? They are so interesting - we had some when I was a kid on our lovely seven acres.
Anonymous said…
Your posts are a regular part of my day too. I often share with F & F anecdotes from your farm. Thank you for your beautiful words, insights, philosophy and of course photos. You share your talents and gifts so willingly, and we all appreciate you.
-Eileen in Fla.
Laura Sudderth said…
I was hoping you would do a post or video on what you gather from your garden and turn it into dinner. Farm to fork video. Maybe a time lapse video instruction thingy...I am sure I am not making sense here.

Your plants & flowers always look healthy. Do you use any homemade insect sprays...that truly work?

Just FYI, we in Northern California have enjoyed almost 4 inches of rain in May...a record! My flowers and plants never looked better.

Karen said…
All I know is that your blog starts my day - I so enjoy all of the animals and the hard work it is to keep them happy and healthy (labor of love though:) I appreciate your sharing your life with us. I am rarely jealous of anybody - but I DO wish I had your energy and your talents . . . I don't think there isn't much you can NOT do - and you don't even make a big deal out of it! So a huge thank you for, well, being you:)
Unknown said…
I too read your blog daily, I suspect a lot of people do and don't comment. For the Q&A - Was there one moment, person or event that pushed you to start on your environmental journey? In that I mean the solar power, reducing your carbon footprint, etc. Or has that just been a life long journey?
Thank you for taking the time to share your world! Lisa G in TN
Junebug said…
13 years, oh my, have I been following you that long? It seen like just a wee short time. But then I think back over all the sweet doggies I fell in love with! Keep on jounaling for I am here everyday!
This N That said…
Red and Ollie look great..very svelt...Getting tired of fireworks and thunder..Mollie may have a permanent personality change..PTSD for sure..Congratulations on your amount of posts..Each one as enjoyable than the last..Moonie is always very handsome...xoo
Denny144 said…
Here’s a question: what’s at the top of your Farm wishlist, something you’d love to have or do if money, time and/or space were unlimited?
Leslye said…
Like others have said I look forward to reading your blog each day.I'm a newbie and wish I had found your blog from the beginning.When you mentioned about cleaning up after your pigs it brought memories back to me from when we had a pig. She was neater than our dogs because she picked a corner and that's where she did her business,most of the time.Love your idea for a question and answer video.Like Laura's idea for a farm to table video.My question is what do you do with a weed compost pile?
Country Gal said…
Congrats on your years of blogging and for the amount of posts , I seems to go by fast doesn't it ?! I don't always get to comment but I am always reading at your posts and FB and love your stories and photos of your farm . I just realized I have been blogging for 9 years , I am not much of a writer but I do enjoy sharing my neck of the woods with others. Thank you for sharing your farm with all of us .
kay saylor said…
There is no way I look that cute cleaning up piles. Sigh.
Moggie said…
I'm always amazed at your energy and creativity...makes me feel quite guilty :) but apparently I get over it because I don't get half accomplished in a day that you do.

I would love a video Q&A as I was wondering about your book. Is it still in the works? Is it a compilation of blog posts or something new altogether?