The Littles Plus One

Happy Memorial Day, friends!
I couldn't resist a quick visit over the fence - to share with you 
a few smiles from our Saturday picnic.
In addition to our own "Littles" (sadly, Tyler could not join us),
we had Jack's four-year-old niece, Paige, here for the weekend...
which was a big treat for Mackenzie.
I hope you don't mind me sharing a few highlights of the day.

Two fairies (complete with wings and tiaras, of course) 
have tea and cakes...

and of course, the elves were invited as well!

Such good manners...

"Do you need some cream?"
Oops... we're losing our tiara!

Chester watches from beneath the bed...
(don't mind the sand on the floor... our fairies were covered in sand from the horse arena)

There were many visits with the animals.

Obsessed with driving and riding everything possible,
Easton says, "Pig!  I ride!"
Sorry, Easton, we can't ride the pigs.

Easton probably said one hundred times that day...
"I ride GoGo!"
(GoGo being anything with a motor.)

Re-arranging fairy gardens...

Imaginations are wonderful at this age!

Our pint-sized, electric gator was a hit.
The girls are off on an adventure....

" I ride GoGo!"

Garden fun...

"We picked radishes!" 

"I ride GoGo!"

Making memories is at the top of my list in importance when it comes to these Littles.
(That, and them knowing that their grandparents loved them infinitely.)
I think we made some great memories this weekend!

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday.
We'll be back tomorrow with more to share.


jaz@octoberfarm said…
i want to die and come back and grow up on your farm!
littlemancat said…
Oh the sweetness! These beautiful children have such joy in their faces. They are a gift and you are the same.
I see Jack in Easton.
Dee J. Hartman said…
Bev, your littles are so precious!!! What wonderful memories you share with us!!!
Lynne said…
I LOVED this post Beverly . . .
Memories are made of days like this!
Piggy Rides???
Fairy Gardens
Picking & tasting radishes
What a happy fun day . . .
Moggie said…
what wonderful memories you're creating for your grandkids.

Side note: I thought you might find this interesting, or at least cute as heck! I follow Kitten Lady on Instagram and she is raising a Kunekune piglet that was abandoned. His siblings didn't survive, but Joshua did, and he is going to a sanctuary soon.
Anonymous said…
These precious children brought me smiles this morning.
Anonymous said…
Sweet children and sweet animals. This made my day--thanks for sharing. (BTW, it's been around 100 degrees here for 5 days!)
- Eileen in Fla.
This N That said…
Oh my..such adorable, happy children..Memories were made for sure.Every picture full of joy!!