Memorial Day Gardening

Yesterday was spectacular!
I took advantage of the sun and perfect temperature - 
spending time in the garden.

Everything is blooming.
Everything is growing.

A little sun mixed with adequate rain 
(we've had storms with torrential downpours almost every other day)

is the perfect
formula for abundance...
in flowers and veggies, as well as weeds.

I did a little garden video for you...
if you cannot see it in this post,
Beware, though... I just might put you to work!

(Note to self... next time have the video camera higher than your face to 
counteract the effect of gravity.... geesh!)

At the end of it all, though, this side of the garden is much improved!
And - we had asparagus for dinner... surprised?


Louise Stopford said…
Loved vising your garden with you Bev. Great video!!
colleen said…
Everything around BHA looks beautiful. You even make weeding look easy. xxxx
littlemancat said…
Lotsa work, beautiful end result. What do you do with the weeds? Are they composted?
And if so, would that result in weedy compost? Sorry for a probably dumb question.
Just wondering.
Gotta love Chester! Is that one of the tops that you made? It is really pretty.
littlemancat said…
And just forgot to say how I love the bunny fence in the first photo - and blue iris, my favorites.