Friday, April 19, 2019

The List Gets Shorter

We enjoyed another spectacular spring day yesterday...

and it was another day of heavy labor.

The mulching is finished and the house looks neat as a pin.

The flower beds will fill in a bit as the perennial flowers emerge.
We had hoped to get all of this outside work finished before Easter.
Now, today, I can do the baking and cooking for the weekend
as we will have family here for most all of the weekend.

Every day the farm looks just a little more beautiful than the day before.

Every day brings more color... and especially, more green.

I took a stroll, yesterday afternoon, around the pond.
As I gazed at the reflection of the sun,

a little snake quickly slithered into the water from the shore...
to fast to photograph.

I looked closely, trying to find him and noticed
 a lot of frog eggs along the edge of the pond.


Our pond is always a haven for all types of frogs... from peepers to bullfrogs.

All of last year's mallards are now gone... presumably off mating and nesting.
I feel good about the fact that they had a safe home for the winter with 
plenty of food available to them.
I am sure they will return in the autumn, if not before....
and maybe with some ducklings.  

At this time we only have our rag-tag foursome...
four miss-matched ducks (two males, two females.)

From the pond, I headed up to visit with the pigs.

It seems that everyone is comfortable around the pigs.
And it seems the pigs are comfortable around everyone, too!

As for Easter... with the variety of eggs that we get each day,
there is really no reason to dye them.

We have a full weekend ahead of us with lots of family activity.
We'll be back on Monday with Easter tales for you.

Happy Spring and Happy Easter, as well!!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

have a wonderful easter bev! i know you all will. everything looks so beautiful!

daisy g said...

Rag tags make the best of friends!

Enjoy your holiday.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Have a wonderful Easter with your human and farm family!

This N That said...

Have a wonderful Easter..The farm always looks great.I'll bet the sheep are a bit warm today..xxoo

Nichole said...

That all sounds wonderful! And everything looks beautiful.

Pier21cdn said...

Bev, I strongly suggest you get bear bangers. They are loud like a gun but harmless noise to get that bear away from your property. Keep some on you when walking in the woods or doing chores. I know you respect wildlife but think you need to give this guy the message that he is not welcome. Thanks for sharing your Easter! 💕


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