Tuesday, March 26, 2019

What A Difference A Day Makes

With hopeful anticipation, we headed out for the barn yesterday morning
as the sun was rising.

I was hoping that I would find sweet Daphne in much better shape than the previous day,
when she could hardly bear to put any weight on her front left hoof.

Thankfully, she was walking around without a limp.
It's amazing how quickly equines get relief from an abscess 
once it is opened and allowed to drain.
I breathed a huge sigh of relief... hating to see any of my animals in distress.

I checked on her again in the afternoon and once again she was doing great!
As you can see, though, her sister, Chloe had some snowflakes on her face.
Yes, it snowed yesterday!
 (no accumulation... just enough to let us know that winter has not yet moved on)
I am hoping it is what we Pennsylvania Dutch like to call the onion snow...
ie, time to plant your spring onions.

It is time to get some things into the ground,
although I must confess, I have no desire to work in the garden when it is 
cold enough to snow... and especially when it is snowing!

Soon, though.... very soon it will warm up and then there will be no stopping me.
Dirt beneath my fingernails will be my most frequently worn accessory....
soon to be followed by the yearly farmer's tan.

I am happy to tell you that the rescue of the three black kitties has ended up being
a great success.
All three are now healed well from their spaying (yes, all three are girls.)
I call them my rafter cats, as they spend more time up in the barn rafters than they do
on the ground.

At the same time, they remain "homebodies"...
with no apparent need for outdoor exploration...
at least, not as of yet.

They enjoy Sammie's frequent visits.
He's definitely their favorite creature.

The rest of the barn cats seem to ignore the girls,
which is much better than the alternative.

They prefer to enjoy our company from afar.
Perhaps they will choose to get closer as time passes.
Perhaps not.

The tablecloths that I dyed this weekend...
became these.
Free clothes!


The JR said...

On a bad abscess, we've had to soak the foot in epson salt. I cut the leg off of a pair of plastic rain pants and sewed it shut to make a soaking sleeve.

We put it over the hoof and up the leg and pour in hot epson water and hold it up for 10 to 15 minutes. I usually just sit on a stool and hold it because.........mine are bad and try to get if off.

I guess you could sew on some ties and tie it up if yours would stand still.

I'm glad opening up the abscess made her feel better.

I love your outfits. You are small enough to wear a jumper. They don't look good on me.

Love the blog. Kitties look great. Take care,

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad Daphne's feeling better!

Dee J. Hartman said...

You look so smashing in your "free" jumper suits! (I wish I were thin enough to wear that style! My body is still too heavy and I would look like a blimp! But I'm working on better eating habits and more exercise for this almost-75 year-old-me. I've lost almost 20 pounds since I began my attempts to become a healthier person, too!) ... Happy to hear that your animals are well!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing your animals and your new spring outfits!

Kim said...

I love your new outfits! A great use for damask. Can you tell us what dyes you used? Just beautiful.

This N That said...

Mollie had an access once and stood perfectly still while it was being cleaned and drained..I guess the release of all that pressure was a big relief..Glad Daphne is on the mend..That wasn't enough snow for an onion snow..should be a dusting but maybe a few flakes will be enough..The kitties don't seem to want to leave their comfy home!! Nice that Sammy visits regularly. Enjoy this sunny day..


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