So Anticlimactic

Some of you have voiced your eagerness to see the adventures that our
three new barn kitties 
(new in November when they came to us as tiny feral kittens)
would have when they were allowed out into the world.

They have had free access to the world for several days now,
and if they are having adventures,
it's news to me.
Every time I stop by the barn to check on these three,
they are either lounging under the heat lamp over their bed...
or one is in the rafters.

They only time they venture out of their stall,
as far as I can tell,
is when Sammie comes to visit.

They seem completely uninterested in what lies beyond their
now-open door.

They are the most boring kitties ever!
I am hoping that once warmer weather is here to stay,
they might be more inclined to venture outside.
If they don't, it looks like our mouse population is safe!

We are enjoying a stretch of dry weather... still cold, but dry.
The snow is completely gone (after what seems like months with snow on the ground)
and I am loving not having to trudge through ice and snow.

The birds are enjoying the lack of snow and ice...
making navigation so much easier.

The guineas have begun their garden work.

The chickens are back to taking dust baths...

digging holes, and covering themselves with dry, dusty, earth....

that is, until Chester comes by and disturbs them.

Dear Chester... he's a love, but he has no sense of personal space.
And this boy just cannot hold his licker!

With the time change, 
morning chores begin like this...

and end like this...

During afternoon chores, I photographed sweet Daphne.
She was foraging for little pieces of hay that the horses had left behind.

If you have never watched a donkey eat...

they use their upper lip almost like a finger... stretching it way out and using it 
to grab on to pieces of hay.

She's truly photogenic.
And such a love!
I could easily spend my entire day in the company of my donkeys.


Louise Stopford said…
Those kittens are gorgeous. I am rather glad that they are staying safe at home. I am sure they will venture further afield soon though. They are going to have a great life on your farm. It's nice to see your world now without snow (not that your pictures were not absolutely beautiful in the snow), but to see a bit of earth again is lovely and the birds are obviously enjoying themselves so much more. Dare we say it .... is Spring really on the way??!!
I've thought about a barn cat or two again... with the four dogs in the house, one a big cat chaser, I don't think I could bring in a house cat, which would be my preference. No matter how clean we keep the feed/tack room, the meece find a way in.

Getting fixed calmed down those wild kittens! Now they're homebodies, it seems.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
wait until warm weather hit. those kitties will be on the prowl!
littlemancat said…
Love the can't hold his likker pun for Chester! And those pretty kitties will probably get into the exploring mode as the days warm up some more. It's just so cosy there in their stall.
Melinda Ruth said…
All of our cats over a 30 year history have been feral. We found that once acclimated to people and housing they stay put. My sister's feral kitten, one she found in a storm drain 16 years ago, has never left her bedroom. As a tiny kitten, my own boy started living on my apartment third floor balcony 3 years ago. Once my heart softened, I let him in on a cold winter day he has never wandered outside again. I can leave my door open for hours and he'll just sit and look but not venture out. I believe the survivor gene kicks in and when they know they have a good thing they don't go looking for something more!
Carla said…
Maybe the kittens are on the prowl at night? I'd imagine that they'll be out and about as soon as the weather warms and their fear wears off a bit more.
This N That said…
Boring kitties for sure..already spoiled and accustomed to their comfy surroundings..I'll send Zoey up to teach them a few tricks!! Daphne is a sweetie for sure..Looks like Spring has arrived at BHA as far as the animals are concerned..Do you still have your attack Rooster??
Lynne said…
I think the kitties must be “playing it safe!”
I think warmer weather will encourage them out.
Time will tell . . .