Friday, March 22, 2019

Rainy Season Begins

I awakened very early yesterday morning.
Done sleeping, I decided to greet the day very-pre-sunrise.
Lots of rain was in the forecast and it was due to arrive at daybreak.

I was determined to finish chores before the rain began.

We have an outdoor spot light at the barn, so by the light of the spot,
I looked for glistening piles of manure...
deposits from the previous night.

I have forever held the opinion that "more comes out than goes in!"
If there's one thing that we excel at... it's manure production!

And so with chores finished,
I arrived back at the house just after sunrise.

The rain arrived slightly behind schedule, but made up for it
the rest of the day.
It poured most of the day.

Can you tell?

I spent part of the morning staying with these two while their Mommy
went to an appointment.

This little guy's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.

I spent the afternoon in the sewing room,
and the evening finishing up another Icelandic sweater.

(I still have to take photos of the sewing... waiting for some sunshine to light up the house.)
I am finishing up all indoor activities so that as soon as sunny weather
arrives, I can focus my attention out of doors.


Karen Ann said...

Your weather headed up the coast and we have it this morning. Bleh. My horses grazing fields have huge mud patches at the moment.

Your grands are beautiful!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

and all of that rain totally missed us. i can tell that my ground is ready to erupt but not without a good soaking rain. we are sooo dry. that sweater is wonderful! i wish i had some little people to spent time with.

The JR said...

I have a cat that looks like that one. Happy weekend.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love that photo of the kitties in the barn!

daisy gurl said...

Hope you enjoy a sun-filled weekend! Planting going on here!

Missy George said...

The ground has been saturated forever it seems...We'll have today planting for awhile..I guess raised beds help in these conditions...Than
That's one dirty pony....Beautiful sweater Bev.

Rain said...

Oh soggy ponies!!! That sweater is really nice!


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