Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Patients and Impatience

It's early evening... just before sunset.
It will be our last trip to the barn for the day.
Everyone will be fed one last time, waters refilled, and manure scooped.
The pigs eagerly await their supper.

It's impossible to forget to feed the pigs, as they create such a ruckus at feeding time.
It's their absolute favorite time of day. 

And if you ask a pig... they are always hungry!
(Pigs actually lack the gene for they are literally always hungry.)

We've been giving the pigs extra carrot treats with their meals...
a little something special to help make the day interesting.

These poor pigs...
In the summer they are used to wandering at will around the front pasture -
spending their days slowly walking around in search of eats,
then running at top speed back to their house at the end of the day for their pellets.

In the winter, when there is snow on the ground, their movement is limited.

They act as snowplows after a snow...

pushing their way through the cold to get to the treat corner and the ever-present
supply of Ritz crackers.

Other than that, they spend their winter days in their stall...
munching on hay and napping...
and occasionally squabbling.

These girls are only ever aggressive at one particular time,
and only with each other.
Each mealtime, as they finish the chow in their bowls, they push each other around
a little bit, trying to get to the chow in each other's bowl.
A little fussing ensues, but it's quickly resolved when they both realize that the food is gone.

Otherwise, they are sweet as can be!

The three black kitties are recuperating from their hysterectomies,
with no problems.
I am happy to report that all three remain in their stall at the present time.

Sam's visits are welcomed (sadly, mine are not.)
Sissy even rolled over to show Sam the "owwie" on her belly.

He was, of course, quite sympathetic.

Tonight our two littlest "littles" are coming to spend the next four days.
They will be with us at the farm until Sunday night,
while their parents take a mini vacation.
We'll be quite busy, I am Friday's blog post may be a bit brief... we'll see.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sam is everybody's friend!

Stephane Closson said...

Was wondering how Sam gets in and out of the stall without the kittens getting out

Missy George said...

I'm glad the kitties have Sam!! Poor neglected LOL..I would hate to be always hungry..Have fun with "the littles."..You all will have a fun time if not a busy one..

Anonymous said...

Love the friendship of Sam and the 3 kitties. And isn't that true
in never knows when a new friend might show up.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

sammie is one of those rare wonderful pups! have a great visit!

diane in northern wis said...

That Sam is quite the babysitter....kitty sitter. It's so nice that they welcome him like that. But what about you? I thought you were making great inroads with at least two of the three? Does your Bobby ever see the kittens? How does he react to them? They're getting bigger and bigger. Are they long haired or short haired kitties? In one pic one of the tails looks a bit fluffy! Thanks for the cute piggy video too. Always fun things to see at your place.

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