Sunshine On Our Shoulders

We all enjoyed a little bit of heaven yesterday
(and I believe more of the same, today!)

There is nothing like a good dose of warm sunshine to 
rejuvenate one's body,

and lift one's spirit.

It was so warm that I had to remove my (lightweight) jacket during 
afternoon chores.

With the warmth comes "meltage", however...
leaving us with slush and mud once again.

I am just going to overlook what lies beneath my feet and keep my 
sights set to the sun and the blue sky, instead.

Everyone had a great day.
The birds were all finally able to emerge and run about a bit.

It had seemed like forever since the guineas and ducks were able to roam the farm.
The ducks ran excitedly to and fro...
from one grassy patch, through the snow to the next melted area.
I doubt there is much nutrition for them out there, but
they sure got their exercise!

The last stop after chores were finished was with the pigs and sheep.
Snack time, of course.

Very often this is how snack time goes with the sheep:

I offer a Ritz.

Faith is the first to walk over to me.

She sniffs it.

And eats it.

Meanwhile, Hope thinks about it.

Walks over.

Sniffs it... and sniffs it, and sniffs it...

and Faith eats it, instead.

She who hesitates, loses the Ritz - or something like that.


Rain said…
Cute photos and so lovely to read about the Ritz! :)
This N That said…
LOL...your pictures are beautiful..Something to be said for sunshine and photography..Enjoy today..changes are around the next corner...
Karen said…
I just wanted to say how much your blog means to me and I appreciate all of the effort you put into it. I just love the way you live your life and share with all of us - I start my day with your blog. It never fails to lift my spirits:)

"Only the heart knows how to find what is precious" ~ Dostoevsky

So I am thinking you live your life with a lot of heart:)
littlemancat said…
Love the blue sky pics too! And you can almost feel the joy of the ducks running about. I felt like that a bit, myself these warm days. Bev, that first pic of the rooster - wow! Isn't it good to smell the earth again?
diane in northern wis said…
Great pics today Bev. So you've been having nice sunshine and warmer temps. Good for you and all your critters! So Faith is eating all the crackers? I hope Hope wises up soon! Isn't faith a much lighter brown color than she used to be? Or is that my imagination? Thanks for a great blog always.