Thursday, February 21, 2019

Quick Update

Hello friends!
I miss our chats.... so I thought I would give you this update.
My computer is in the electronics hospital...
It is out of ICU and should be discharged Friday...
Geez, I sure hope so!
My poor phone has gotten a workout this week... 
as has my right index finger.

A snow/ice storm has helped to give me a very productive week
of knitting, sewing, and baking.

I hope you were able to see some of the photos that I posted on Instagram this week.
We’ve enjoyed a bit of nature’s magic and I was able to catch it on photos.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to return onMonday with 
daily stories from the farm.
See you real soon!!



Miss you--don't do Instagram--but finally gave in a couple months ago for Facebook-but mainly to get some quilt patterns!!
look forward to Monday--
luv, di

daisy gurl said...

Thanks for the update. I don't do Instagram or facebook, so I'm out of the loop.

Hoping all goes well with the fix for the puter. Did those "escort" ads on your blog have anything to do with the virus it caught?

Enjoy your weekend. We look forward to your return!

Missy George said...

Looking forward to having you back. Have a wonderful weekend.

Marsha said...

Miss you too!!!

Karen Ann said...

How do you do all that baking and stay so trim? The struggle is big for me... lol..

Product Expert said...

So great to have you back! Certainly be checking out your Instagram :)


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