Monday, February 25, 2019

Our Hiatus Is Over

Hello and Happy Monday!!

We are once again back in the business of blogging daily life here at the farm.
My computer is home from the hospital.
It did not have a virus (viruses are a very rare happening in an Apple iMac.)
But, rather, it did have a hardware issue... something had happened to the logic board
(I have no idea what that is... but it is part of the main board inside the computer.)
I am happy to say that after telephoning Apple Customer Service, 
they agreed to replace the hardware and pay the repair bill.
The computer was out of it's warranty period (one year) and would have been my 
financial responsibility.
However, I phoned Apple Support and discussed the fact that I have been a long
standing Apple customer and that I have never felt the need for extended
warranties because Apple products have never let me down.
I asked them if they would be willing to stand behind this product as it was
only a couple of months beyond its warranty.
And they were kind enough to agree to that.
Big WIN!!
Thank you Apple!!

We had quite a bit of winter weather during the past week.
A winter storm brought us another 4 or 5 inches of snow,
followed by a night of freezing rain - 
resulting in the earth looking as if it had been dipped in glaze.

Time slows down on days such as these,
giving us more time to work on projects around the house.
I did a few sewing projects,  finished February's knitted sweater,
and started another Icelandic sweater.
With Spring peeking at us from around the corner, 
I suspect this current project will be the last sweater until Autumn.
After all, it's soon time to get back out in the dirt again.

I watched a couple episodes of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix,
and felt a sudden inspiration.

It's amazing how being able to see everything you own encourages you to wear
everything you own!

Life has been slow for the animals as well.

I know they are looking forward to green pastures and sunshine.
It can't be much fun to muck around in the snow and ice all day long.
Some just choose to stay inside.

We spent a bit of time with our Littles this past weekend and also had Tyler
with us at the farm for the better part of the weekend.

I can scarcely believe how quickly this young man is growing up!

He has a true zest for life and loves to laugh.

He has a very big and tender heart as well.

We love our time with him and cherish every moment...

realizing how fleeting these childhood moments are.

The dogs have been visiting with the kittens each day.

One of the kittens has become very sociable.

Meet Sissy...

Hissy and Pissy...well, they are... just that!


colleen said...

Good Morning. I'm so happy to see you back... and the runner ducks too :). I can't even imagine seeing that many Cardinals at one time. We only have a couple pair and every once in awhile we will see two females at once and that is cause for a celebration for us. My word, how did Tyler grow up so fast?? He is so handsome!! If Hissy and Pissy were smart they would start acting like Sissy. Well I think I should pay Marie Kondo a visit today.
Have a great day.

Marsha said...

Yeah so glad to have you back, you were missed!!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Welcome back! What sweet photos of Tyler and the kitten(s).

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back. Was fun to see you Marie Kondo'd your drawers, I did that this weekend too! My chores never look like yours, so it was fun to see one that did. Last drawer was my kitchen towels, I had ones at the bottom that still had tags on them. Now I can see and use them all. Have a wonderful week. Lisa G in TN

daisy gurl said...

Whoo-hoo! So glad you are back! Great customer service, Apple!

The farm looks amazing with the snow-kissed vistas. I love the icicles on the fence.

Tyler is one handsome little dud, with that cleft chin. He's gonna break some hearts!

Sending you some of our sunshine today to melt all that ice.

Karla Kuriger said...

Just goes to show us, that it cannot hurt to ASK for things! The Universe does indeed hear us, and can deliver! So glad to have you back!!

littlemancat said...

Happy day, Bee Haven's back! I feel a bit like the runner ducks just wanting some green grass and blue skies! Love Tyler's pics - a sweet boy.

Missy George said...

LOL. Welcome back!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

glad you are back and happy things worked out with apple! tyler is so big!


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