Tuesday, February 12, 2019

It’s 26 degrees and snowing outside.
I am sitting here finishing the sleeves of a sweater.
The fireplace is roaring.
Chester is asleep beside me.
Annie and Sam ran off into the darkness early this morning and have not returned.
Needless to say, worry has replaced the peace in my soul.
My computer is in the hands of Apple’s engineering department...
Some sort of software malfunction, they think.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will be able to fix the problem... 
blogging by phone is less than perfect...
Though not impossible.

I’ve uploaded videos that would have been today’s post
Into my Instagram story. 

Now it’s time to go back out and check on the animals.
I hope wherever you are is warm and cozy!
Keeping my fingers crossed that my AWOL dogs are soon home.


farm buddy said...

I hope your dogs return home safely and soon. I know I would be frantic if my dogs did that. Glad Chester stayed home with you!

Beverly Frankeny said...

Everyone came home.... met me at the barn when I went out for afternoon chores. Stinkers!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Doggies! Go home where it's warm!

diane in northern wis said...

So glad to see your pups have returned home safe and sound. Hope you get your computer problems fixed soon. We're in the middle of a full day snow storm...although I think/hope it's coming to an end soon. The lights keep flickering so I'm praying hard that they don't go out. Never a dull moment this winter! All the best to you and yours, Bev!

Missy George said...

Glad everyone is home safe and sound. I didn't realize this was written yesterday. Hope you had a good day and everybody behaved themselves


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