Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Five Minutes

We have had a long day and night of crazy wind!
It howls in the tree tops, sending limbs crashing to the ground...
and causing power outages.
We were without power for a portion of yesterday afternoon.
The sun shone brightly, making for the perfect day to harvest solar power...
except for the fact that the power was out and we were switched to our generator.
The solar doesn't work when the power goes out 
(as we are not on a battery system, but rather feeding our excess back into the grid.)
Still... it is so exciting to have a sunny day and know that we can generate our own

I thought perhaps you might want to come along on this windy afternoon,
to check in on our farm friends.


Louise Stopford said...

Absolutely loved your video Bev. Thank you so much for sharing your windy afternoon and taking us to see your wonderful critters. Really enjoyed it.

Kathy said...

Hi Bev, I haven't commented in awhile, but you are still my first stop with my coffee in the morning! Enjoyed seeing a 5 minute slice of a windy afternoon.We experienced the same high winds and we lost a few trees on Sunday. Thanks for sharing your sweet friends with us!

littlemancat said...

Enjoyed the video- any visit with the farm is good. And the wind was wild here too. It is somewhat unsettling when it's that way.

Missy George said...

Cute video..Sorry you lost power..50mph gusts!! Almost lost my balance at one time this AM..Looks like Sam is navigating that ice stuff pretty well..I guess he's all healed by now..Enjoy this sunny day..could be sunny all week!!

Lynne said...

What warmth and love you experience each day with your farm friends.
Even on gusty windy days,
Thank you for the video . . .


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