Friday, February 15, 2019

Checking In

Blogging on my phone means typing via the hunt and peck method...
Not easy when one is feeling chatty.
Also I cannot get the phone to stop capitalizing the first word of each line.
Poetry, it thinks.
(Ooh....just figured it out.)

Hubbs is still in sunny Florida hanging out with elder relatives
and playing a lot of Yahtzee!

I’m staying on top of farm chores and trying to finish my vine sweater.
Yesterday I spied my first bluebird.
That prompted me to get out and clean out all of the (many) bluebird houses
here on the farm.

I love seeing what the birds use to make their nests.
Sometimes they use moss or leaves or twigs,

and sometimes they use chicken and Guinea feathers.

It’s not unusual to see a couple of the bird houses taken over by mice.
You can tell as soon as you open the side door and see the empty nut shells.

When I dropped the contents of this house onto the snow, a little mouse ran away. 
He stopped about 3 feet from me and looked back at me as if to scold me
for having destroyed his home.
 I felt so bad, but when it comes to the farm pecking order… 
I’m afraid mice are on the bottom of the list.

 Yesterday, being Valentine’s Day,
I decided to give my fur friends some special treats.

I received a few valentines from my hubby in the form of a scavenger hunt....
Texting me clues throughout the day.
I am very lucky… He’s one romantic guy!

Come on Mom.... can we go home now?


colleen said...

Thanks for keeping us posted without your computer. Bluebirds, now that's a positive note. Have a great weekend!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your note about mice made me think of Robert Burns' famous poem, "To a Mouse."

daisy gurl said...

Thank you for going above and beyond with your blogging. You know so many of us look forward to your daily posts!

Aren't those nests just works of art? So beautiful. We have three new blue bird houses up this season. We've already spied some checking them out. So exciting!

Hope you have a cozy weekend near the fireplace. We have daffodils popping up! Spring is on its way!

Marsha said...

Thanks so much for posting even when it is hard, I cant imagine using your phone!

Unknown said...

You are a trooper to post using your phone-it would take me all day to type it on my phone. Glad the fur friends received treats on a special day and I like the 2nd nest with the guinea feathers. Mice/pack rats are a royal pain! Years ago, when we opened the air filter cover of our '89 Camry, there were 20+ cherry pits from one of our nearby trees. Each had a tiny hole in it, as if to such out something delicious-I have to wonder if it was worth the trouble.

Karen said...

The dogs came back! I worried about them:) Glad all is safe and sound.

littlemancat said...

Love those nest pics! And so glad about seeing a bluebird! That's the kind of news I love to hear. I've been seeing and hearing my wonderful red-winged blackbirds - a true valentine gift. The males come first, always around mid Feb. and the ladies later, sometime in March. Such joy!

Missy George said...

You do really well writing your blog with your phone...It was sweet of you to have treats for your fur friends..I'm sure they appreciated it.Our Bluebirds have been here all winter..I cleaned the houses out in the fall..I guess I'd better check them soon..for mices! Have a great weekend..

Karen Ann said...

Adorable! We see the bluebirds throughout the winter - they are one of my favorites - as well as the Cormorant, which we observe down at the waterfront cottage frequently.

Lynne said...

I had Bluebirds when I first moved here
thirty years ago but haven’t seen them much since.
Probably because this area has become busier.
The road stopped at the end of my driveway,
a few months later, many houses were built.
I cherish the birds that visit our feeders in the back
near the wooded area behind our home.

Liked that you treated your furry friends . . .,
The scavenger hunt sounds more fun than Yahtzee!
Keeping romance alive is a very good thing!

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