Monday, January 28, 2019

Skating On Thick Ice

Erratic weather has slowed down the installation of our solar panels.
You might remember that I had mentioned on Thursday that we were having 
warmer temperatures and rain.
Thursday night the temperatures plummeted and the farm
turned into a sheet of ice.

When the solar company returned to work that morning,
this happened.

Four hours later, the wrecking company finally had them freed from the ditch.

Needless to say, no work was done on Friday.
Today will be a big work day and our power will be off all day.
Hubbs and I are heading to town for lunch and a movie while the power is off.

The rest of our weekend was wonderfully peaceful.
We were treated to spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

What a wonderful backdrop to morning chores!

Along the way, I couldn't help but notice that O'Malley had a case of the 
creeping dingleberries.

She was obviously in need of a little assistance.

Much better, said I.
She agreed with a smile (and a little giggle, too!)

We pulled a name, randomly, from a hat for the extra magazine copy.
Quilting is Blissful, Di....please email me your address!!


colleen said...

Thanks for taking us along on Sunday morning chores. Congratulations, Quiliting is Blissful. Hope you get some progress made with the solar panels today.

Louise Stopford said...

Thanks so much for that wonderful video of Sunday morning chores. It really brought a smile to my face on a Monday morning!! Love the sound of the horses hooves in the snow.

Karen Ann said...

What a pretty goat!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good thing that solar panel truck didn't tip over! Looks like a close call.

Lynne said...

Oh the weather . . ,
Warm to cold
Rain to ice
Each day a mystery
Happy the solar truck, trailer is back on the job.
We are in a deep freeze, deep snow day ...
In fact, I think lower Michigan is CLOSED!

Missy George said...

Looks pretty icy in your world..Sorry about the solar truck.Bummer..Glad O'Malley had you to clean him up...He looks much better..The sunset was beautiful last night..Have a wonderful week..

Angie said...

Wow Beth! First time watching your video. Never realized how large your garden is and how many buildings are on the farm. What a heaven on earth!


email is on it's way==and thank you for sharing a copy--
sure hope your Solar company has insurance to cover that truck as it looks a bit 'hurt' poor thing--
and your OMalley looks so much 'neater' now and happy!!!
you are so good to those farm friends!!
really really cold here--in NY

littlemancat said...

How beautiful was that video! And the music. I felt such a sense of peace after watching it - thank you for sharing with us. The sunrise was so amazing - as Mary Oliver advised us in her poetry - "be astonished."

Katmom said...

"Creeping Dingleberries"... luv It!

Dee J. Hartman said...

Someday, I'd love to visit you and your farm, but in better weather! For now, I am truly enjoying you and your farm on your blog....


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