Monday, January 7, 2019

Much to Share...

I have so much to share with you...
I'm feeling a little chatty today.
Perhaps we should put a pot of tea on,
and get out the crumpets!

Big news... we are making big strides with the kittens.

After what has seemed like months (2, actually),
I am seeing a big difference in our three little kitties' demeanors.
Perhaps it was the threat of naming them Hissy, Pissy, and Sissy.
Perhaps it was just the passage of time.
Yesterday, when I handled them in the morning, they all purred while being held.

They've had a lot of contact with the dogs, through the sides of their pen.
Yesterday I introduced each of them to Sam.
(sorry for the quality of the photos... it was darkish in the barn,
and I took them with my phone... kitty selfies... but you get the idea)

Sam is our kitten yogi.

He loves kittens.
So... we are finally making real strides with these three,
and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Our weekend was a mix of rain and partly sunny skies.

The rain happened on Saturday... and sadly the rain followed me
on an adventure with Tyler and his Mommy to New York City.

We drove part way and took a train the rest of the way into the city
to see Aladdin on Broadway.
This was our Christmas present to Tyler and his Mommy this year.

We are trying to get away from material gifts,
and instead are trying to give experiential gifts... ones that leave lasting memories.

It was Tyler's first Broadway show, and it was a spectacular one!
Sadly, no photos are allowed during the performance,
but I did take a photo of the theatre.

The theatre is the New Amsterdam... home of the Zeigfeld Follies...
during the 1920's.
For that reason, the theatre has a warm place in my heart.
The most favorite movie of my youth was Funny Girl with Barbara Streisand.
It was the story of Fannie Brice (a Zeigfeld star).

Though the weather was abominable (windy and rainy) in the city,
we had such fun and made great memories!

The floor piano in the new FAO Schwartz store in Rockefeller Center.
With the rain behind us, at least for a day,
I took a little time to clean out houses on Sunday...

clean houses and fresh bedding for the messiest of our farm friends!

Don't let that innocent face fool you...
these two are the messiest fur friends that we have.
They just have no sense of decorum with regards to their bathroom habits.

Unlike these girls (wrongfully named "pigs")...
who seem to have a better sense about these matters.

I so enjoyed our conversation on Friday about clothing.
I loved your comments!
It seems we all have much in common.
In my quest to stretch my wardrobe from season to season,
I mentioned that I have been sewing some pieces.
I finished this skirt this weekend.
(for a total of one black skirt and one blue skirt)

I also scored two $20 Pendleton wool blazers (one blue and one grey/black tweed) on Ebay.
Wool blazers have always been a favorite for me...

great to wear with a skirt or over jeans... so very versatile.
The essence of the Slow Fashion Movement....
 good, previously owned Pendleton (made in the USA) blazers for a low price...
 that will last me forever.
My wardrobe is now complete.

I have found that Ebay is a great place to look for used clothes,
without having to search through thrift stores...
and with their "make an offer" button...
you can haggle over the price a bit.

And lastly, I keep forgetting to show you this (from our December trip) -
this was a shop window in the town of Sonoma, California - 
decked out for Christmas.
(they were having a contest for the best window dressing)

Life-sized fairy dresses!!

I loved these... and I knew you would, too!!

Maybe I should dress Minerva as a fairy this coming summer.
I am sure she would love that.
I wonder how the birds would feel about that!


Louise Stopford said...

So glad you are making good strides with those adorable kittens. I am sure your love, kindness and continuity will pay off. What a good dog Sam is. You are a very clever lady with your sewing and you make some exquisite pieces (yes I am sure Minerva would love a fairy dress this Spring). Gosh a trip to Broadway, what a fabulous experience.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

A fun post today and what good news about those kittens!

Unknown said...

Great post! Love every element (animals, theatre, fairy dresses).

jaz@octoberfarm said...

it was inevitable that the kitties would acclimate to the farm. it's the happy copacetic animal farm! i love the fairy dress and think minerva needs one!

littlemancat said...

So happy to hear the kitties are growing more friendly - I love that Sam loves kittens!
And what a wonderful experience to give Tyler and his Mommy - memories that will last and - who knows - inspire him in ways still to come.
Yes to Minerva in a fairy dress! And love your skirt and blazer outfits. Classic.

Missy George said...

Glad the kittens are coming around. I knew it would happen. Sorry the weather put a damper on your New York trip but I'm sure it was fun anyway. I'm sure everyone is enjoying their clean homes and beds. I have always been fond of blazers. Haven't bought any for quite a while. They are a bit expensive. Great find on eBay. Love the fairy dresses. I guess you will be making one before long.. I don't think they would hold up well in the weather that Minerva must endure... Have a good week.

Maura@Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hi Beverly! Love your skirt and your boots as well and you scored big time with your wool blazers! I love EBay for used clothes, in fact most of my wardrobe came from there����. I had no idea that sheep were so dirty...and pigs were so clean����. What a wonderful experience for your daughter and your grandson...I can’t get over how grown up he is now! Time sure flies doesn’t it. Enjoy your sweet kittens and your beautiful farm��


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